Vic redistribution finalised – the end of Batman

The Australian Electoral Commission released the final decisions for the Victorian federal redistribution earlier today. Most of the changes were very minor, with no seats experiencing a large change in margin. The switch of Dunkley from Liberal to notional Labor has been maintained.

We have seen two changes in seat names. The seat of Cox has been restored to its previous name of Corangamite. While they noted the concern about the double-entendre in the name, the decision has supposedly been made due to the longstanding use of the name Corangamite.

The AEC is also renaming the seat of Batman in Melbourne’s inner north to ‘Cooper’. This name honours early 20th century Aboriginal leader William Cooper. The report specifically mentions his role in founding the Australian Aborigines League in the 1930s, and his protests against Nazi Germany in 1938. This is the culmination of a long campaign to abolish this seat name.

Overall we will see eight new seat names at the next federal election. Batman is not the only seat named after an early white settler to be renamed in part due to that man’s genocidal history – the seat of McMillan in eastern Victoria has been renamed ‘Monash’.

The announcement today just included descriptions of how the boundaries have been changed since the first draft. There are no maps and no data. So it’s possible there might be small errors in my margin calculations. I will put together the updated map over the weekend, although I’ll double-check the boundaries when the official map is released on July 13.

I also expect we’ll be getting the final boundaries for ACT and South Australia over the next week.

The table below the fold lists the margin in every Victorian seat, before the redistribution, on the draft boundaries and on the final boundaries. I discovered a small bug in my margin calculation code so there may be some small changes (around 0.1% in most cases) even where boundaries haven’t changed, but I’ve included the previously-published margins for transparency.

SeatPre-redistributionDraft boundariesFinal boundaries
Aston LIB 8.6% LIB 7.6% LIB 7.4%
Ballarat ALP 7.3% ALP 7.4% ALP 7.4%
Bendigo ALP 3.7% ALP 3.9% ALP 3.9%
Bruce ALP 4.1% ALP 14.2% ALP 14%
Calwell ALP 17.9% ALP 19.7% ALP 19.8%
Casey LIB 6.1% LIB 4.5% LIB 4.5%
Chisholm LIB 1.2% LIB 3% LIB 2.9%
Cooper (Batman) ALP vs GRN 1% ALP vs GRN 0.7% ALP vs GRN 0.7%
Corangamite LIB 3.1% LIB 0% LIB 0.1%
Corio ALP 10% ALP 8.3% ALP 8.3%
Deakin LIB 5.7% LIB 6.3% LIB 6.4%
Dunkley LIB 1.4% ALP 1% ALP 1%
Flinders LIB 7.8% LIB 7% LIB 7%
Fraser New seat 0% ALP 19.8% ALP 19.8%
Gellibrand ALP 18.2% ALP 15.1% ALP 15.1%
Gippsland NAT 18.4% NAT 18.3% NAT 18.2%
Goldstein LIB 12.7% LIB 12.7% LIB 12.7%
Gorton ALP 19.5% ALP 18.5% ALP 18.5%
Higgins LIB vs GRN 8% LIB vs GRN 7.6% LIB vs GRN 7.6%
Holt ALP 14.2% ALP 9.7% ALP 10%
Hotham ALP 7.5% ALP 4.1% ALP 4.2%
Indi IND vs LIB 4.8% IND vs LIB 4.9% IND vs LIB 4.9%
Isaacs ALP 5.7% ALP 3.1% ALP 3%
Jagajaga ALP 4.7% ALP 5.6% ALP 5.6%
Kooyong LIB 13.3% LIB 12.7% LIB 12.8%
La Trobe LIB 1.5% LIB 3.3% LIB 3.2%
Lalor ALP 13.4% ALP 14.2% ALP 14.2%
MacNamara (Melbourne Ports) ALP 1.4% ALP 1.2% ALP 1.2%
Mallee NAT 21.3% NAT 20.1% NAT 19.7%
Maribyrnong ALP 12.3% ALP 10.5% ALP 10.4%
McEwen ALP 7.8% ALP 5.9% ALP 5.9%
Melbourne GRN vs LIB 18.5% GRN vs LIB 18.5% GRN vs LIB 18.5%
Menzies LIB 10.6% LIB 7.8% LIB 7.8%
Monash (McMillan) LIB 6% LIB 7.5% LIB 7.5%
Nicholls (Murray) NAT vs LIB 24.9% NAT 22.4% NAT 22.1%
Scullin ALP 17.3% ALP 20% ALP 19.6%
Wannon LIB 9% LIB 9.4% LIB 9.1%
Wills ALP vs GRN 4.9% ALP vs GRN 4.9% ALP vs GRN 4.9% 
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