Whitsunday – Queensland 2024

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  1. This is a seat Labor seems to have just missed out during this period of Labor Government. I was held for most of the Beattie/Bligh Years & all the Wayne Goss Years. The presence of Right-wing populist parties (such as NQF, ONP, UAP, KAP) may have complicated this seat for Labor.

  2. Whitsunday was held continuously by the Country/National Party from its creation in 1950 until 1989.
    In 1989, the sitting member, Geoff Muntz, was dis-endorsed following corruption allegations He ran as an independent which reduced the National vote enough for Labor to win.

    It is not uncommon for National/LNP to lose a seat to Labor when the sitting member is dis-endorsed, or quits, and runs as an independent. For example, Mulgrave and Isis both in 1989.

    Labor has a tendency to lose regional seats when head office overrides the local branch pre-selection and the local members refuse to work on the campaign, or even run an independent candidate against the endorsed candidate. For example, Bundaberg 2006, Head Office overrode the local branch and local branch ran an independent candidate.

    In 2020, with the sitting LNP member for Whitsunday dis-endorsed and re-contesting, it looked like Labor would win. The local Labor branches preselected the candidate that came close to winning in 2015 and 2017. Labor head office overrode the local preselection and some local branches refused to help with the campaign.

  3. Whitsundays is a seat that Labor held during the Beattie/Bligh years, lost in 2012 and hasn’t regained since. They were close in 2015 and 2017. They really missed their chance.

    I suspect in 2024, LNP’s primary vote will increase as support for the minor right-wing parties (NQF, UAP, ONP, KAP) collapses.

  4. Yep – a seat Labor let slip through its fingers during the Palaszczuk years. They put up a strong candidate in 2020, but just couldn’t muster a win. Camm has been a standout for the LNP and had a strong first term as MP (much better than the previous oaf).

    Camm will be a Minister later this year and could also be a future leadership aspirant, depending how long she stays in politics.

  5. Please Explain? One Nation seems to have two candidates for this seat, Julie Hall (former mayor) and Andrew Elborne. Both are listed on their website as the candidate for Whitsunday. The former has been posting a lot on socials, but the latter hasn’t posted anything since easter.

  6. A A – must have been a mistake. On Facebook Julie is running for Whitsunday and Andrew is running in Burdekin.

  7. @PRP @AA yeah Wikipedia has Andrew Elborne listed as the One Nation candidate for Burdekin and Julie Hall as the One Nation candidate for Whitsunday.

  8. The LNP have done well so far with candidates. The election isn’t until October but they’ve already got candidates for all of the seats where there is a broad, bipartisan consensus that they’re winnable (I say this because TBH this time I think the LNP have a chance in traditionally less-competitive seats like Bulimba, Murrumba and Stretton and I think Labor will get a big swing against them in Gladstone but they’ll marginally hold on). The next seat they need a candidate for is Lytton which is a winnable seat due to the general nature of the election and the results in Wynnum Manly at the BCC election earlier this year where Labor lost the safe ward with a 12% swing against them.


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