Traeger – Queensland 2024

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  1. The safest non-ALP seat north of the Tropic of Capricorn, until Robbie inevitably follows his dad to Canberra. LNP may have better luck once that happens, but I doubt it.

  2. @nq robbie will most likely switch to federal at the 2028 federal election as his dad will probly retire at the election if hes still above ground

  3. Given that Robbie will probably be in federal politics after the end of next term who would win this after he’s gone especially after the redistribution?

  4. I imagine the kap would just put up another candidate. I reckon the lnp wouldn’t as they heavy Labor vote in Mt Isa would get them elected as they previously did before kap

  5. Without Robbie this will be a genuine three way. Katter has held the vote so long that it is difficult to know how much of the old ALP vote still exists and whether some traditional voters will stick to KAP or even end up in the LNP camp.

  6. @LNPinsider I’d say most would fall into the LNP camp. Labor is dead in rural areas now.

  7. In 2022, Labor finished third in Mount Isa itself (the polling place Mount Isa in Kennedy). Bob Katter finished first and the LNP finished second. The same thing happened at the Mount Isa PPVC.

  8. Very Safe KAP retain this time – but I suspect this is his last term before a move to Canberra. Either way, KAP retain at a future by-election or general election.


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