Southport – Queensland 2024

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  1. LNP MP Rob Molhoek has had some time off this year to deal with health issues. To be honest, I’m surprised he hasn’t used this as his opportunity to bow out of politics in October – but it seems he’s recontesting.

    Labor has missed the boat to gain Southport back – that being in 2017 or 2020. LNP retain this year and I’d expect it to be Molhoek’s final term.

  2. @ PRP
    IMHO the creation of Bonney has made this seat safer for the LNP short of 2001/2004 style win i dont expect Labor to win it back. Just like Broadwater is now super safe where it was once Labor held.

  3. yeah, quite right. Unless Labrador reunites with Southport itself – this seat will continue as a fairly safe LNP seat.


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