Pine Rivers – Queensland 2024

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  1. LNP have preselected former serviceman Dean Clements as their candidate. It’s hard to know what I think of this seat whether the LNP are in with a shot or not. The fact they have preselected this seat early probably is a suggestion they think their in with a shot via their internal polling. And other seats that are considered ‘bell weather’ seats (Aspley, Mansfield, Springwood etc) haven’t been filled yet via preselection. Labor MP for Pine Rivers Nikki Boyd has recently been promoted into cabinet in a new Miles ministry.

  2. Likely LNP pickup. Nikki Boyd is fairly young and looks like she has a whole career ahead of her. Seems like unlike many Labor MPs in the incoming batch or re-entering batch of 2015, she’ll stay on.

    I wonder what kind of an impact Peter Dutton as Federal LOTO is having and whether it’ll influence the result in Pine Rivers.

  3. @Votante
    Boyd has only just been made a minister, which I think she has been hanging out for awhile. I wouldn’t think she would be retiring anytime soon, being young too.

  4. LNP win, just. Boyd is a very active MP and now Minister, but the seat tends to swing with Government, so on this occasion I think LNP’s Dean Clements wins.

    Boyd could come back and take the seat in 2028 or even challenge Dutton in Dickson.


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