Kawana – Queensland 2024

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  1. LNP will be praying they win the next election. Because Jarrod Bleijie is not a credible alternative as next in line as leader. I think there is a double standards in the media. The way he screwed up so badly as Attorney-General (Vlad laws, Tim Carmody etc) under a Newman government. If this was Labor there is no way the media particularly the Courier Mail would let up having someone of this capacity return as deputy. They have gone a lot harder on Jackie Trad, Yvette D’ath, and Mark Bailey.

    Kawana swung against the LNP last state election by 3.8%. I suspect it was retirees that did this, as they trusted Labor more in managing pandemic. The LNP will increase there margin here at the next election.

    LNP retain

  2. This seat, along with the rest of Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, are almost permanently blue. I suspect even if Labor threw the entire kitchen sink into this seat they won’t even make a dent of any sort, that’s how blue these areas are. I suspect even if the MP was involved in some sort of major criminal scandal/investigation they’d still be voted back in droves.

    As for the Courier Mail, everything the LNP does (apart from the climate endorsement recently) is sunshine and roses whilst Labor breathes and they say people get a cold. It says it all about the supposed ‘news’ element of that outlet.

  3. @ Tommo9
    Agree with you i think only exceptions maybe Growth areas around Caloundra or Coomera (Gold Coast).

  4. Of course there’s a double standard in the media. News Limited papers are all LNP propaganda mills, and they have been for decades now. Labor will never consistently get a fair appraisal in them.

    Turning to Bleijie, he might be the most rabidly conservative MP in Queensland. He was certainly the most vocal one against expanding abortion access back in 2015. The more the general public hear from him, the worse their opinion of the LNP is going to be. Actually I think the party have done fairly well in getting him to keep a low profile in this election campaign, as it limits the damage he can do to them outside of his electorate.


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