Everton – Queensland 2024

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  1. Interestingly this seems to be the only state seat that overlaps with Duttons seat of Dickson that is held by the LNP. Ferny Grove appears to be a seat that overlaps and is a safe Labor seat. This seat itself was safe Labor until 2012. The same seems to be the case in Longman, if these state results were translated federally Labor would hold both Dickson and Longman. Does anybody with local knowledge know why there would be such a gap between state and federal voting patterns for such a prolonged period as this seems to have been the case for the last 20 years.

  2. Being from Brisbane, I can indicate that the distribution of conservative and progressive leaning suburbs across the city is less clear cut compared to either Sydney or Melbourne.

    This means the sitting member factor plays a more substantial role in determining whether an MP can hold onto their seat or not.

  3. @Yoh An Fair enough, it does seem that many seats in Brisbane have a trend of higher contrasts of TPP between different suburbs in the same seat

  4. Ferny Grove has a lot more middle rung suburbs that tend to lean left. Even the outer suburbs in ED of Ferny Grove are generally lower economic areas, except for Bunya. In contrast, Everton has tons of McMansion land, especially in Albany Creek (and the rest of Bunya that’s not in Ferny Grove).

  5. Everton is not really McMansion land.

    It has stayed LNP because Tim Mander is very high profile as an ex-NRL referee & subsequently, has been an active local MP.

  6. tim mander’s a factor. he doesn’t explain the clear political divide north and south of the jinker track, borne out at both the state and federal level. anyone who’s familiar with albany creek, eatons hill, everton hills and parts of everton park etc., and seen how it compares to for eg the built up area along old northern road running into enoggera and mitchelton would know what i mean.


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