Bulimba – Queensland 2024

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  1. The Greens candidate for Morningside ward is running again (according to Max Chandler Mother’s Instagram). Not clear whether it’s a “target seat” for the Greens or just collateral from overlapping with Griffith

  2. @ John
    From a demographic perspective i think this should be an LNP versus Green seat so both of those parties should campaign here.

  3. From the demographic it should be much stronger for the Liberals. But I think Di Farmer has a good personal vote. This area seems to be strong for Labor at a council area too.

  4. @A A as someone who volunteered for Bulimba Meals on Wheels and has personally met her, that is definitely true.

  5. Same. Especially given that Lucy Collier held Morningside. Di Farmer’s personal vote means an ALP retain, albeit with a decreased margin.

  6. Same. Especially given that Lucy Collier held Morningside in the council elections.

    I think Di Farmer’s personal vote means an ALP retain, albeit with a decreased margin.

  7. This isn’t a seat the Liberals will win unless there’s a repeat of the 2012 landslide. I expect a rather large swing to the Greens but it’s not a seat that’s really in reach for them this election. It is one that I expect will be a more serious Greens target in future elections though.

  8. I’m surprised Di’s not retiring this election. This would’ve been the time for her to retire, but maybe she wants to fight and defend Bulimba.

    She’s been a very good MP and Minister. I don’t think the Greens will win this time. Should be a Labor retain and I expect the LNP to finish second.

  9. If there had been full preferential voting in 2012 Labor would have held on here fairly comfortably. From what I can see, Labor would have held on to about another 7 or 8 seats in 2012 without OPV. Possibly some that Labor held may have gone the other way. Comparing 2024 to 2012 is not quite ‘apples for apples’.

  10. @PRP some think this could be an LNP/Greens seat in the future (like Maiwar already is and like Cooper will almost certainly be).

  11. Quite possible! The demographics of the seat point to that being a possibility. Cooper will fall to the Greens this time, I think.


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