Northern Beaches council election, 2024

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  1. I’ll jump in with the first one.

    The big news over the last few days was Michael Gencher defecting from Your Northern Beaches to the Liberal Party, shifting the numbers to 6 Liberals and 5 YNB.

    The critical story from this will now be on two seats, being whether the Liberal Party and YNB can successfully defend their 2nd seats in the Pittwater and Frenches Forest Wards respectively.

  2. Frenchs Forest and Narrabeen are definitely the wards to watch. With Michael Regan ineligible to run again and Jose Menano-Pirez having nowhere near the profile of MR I don’t see them retaining the second YNB seat in FF, although there have been rumours of the current Mayor Sue Heins moving from Curl Curl to Frenchs Forest to defend it.

    In Narrabeen, a serious GRN contender could take the final position from De Luca (IND) as the 2021 election saw an 18-year-old come within 700 votes. Due to OPV, Labor running in either ward could hurt GRN chances as Labor votes tend to exhaust after first preference due to poor preference discipline, LIB ‘just vote one’ messaging and a lack of volunteers to hand out HTVs on booths.

    Frenchs Forest Ward
    YNB 6.3% vs GRN

    Narrabeen Ward
    IND 2.8% vs GRN

  3. I agree with Ethan in Narrabeen being fascinating. The Ind running in that ward is Vincent De Luca, a former staffer for former Liberal MLC and David Clarke Supporter Marie Ficarra. De Luca was kicked out of the Liberal Party after he ran for pre-selection against Brad Hazzard for Wakehurst, lost and then ran as an independent anyway. His main support base is the Netball Community.

    My position at this stage for seats:
    Pittwater Ward – 1 Lib, 1 Grn, 1 Marginal Seat (Lib vs YNB)
    Frenches Forest Ward – 1 YNB, 1 Lib 1 Marginal Seat (3-Cornered Contest between YNB, Lib and Grn)
    Narrabeen Ward – 1 YNB, 1 Lib 1 Marginal (IND vs Grn)
    Curl Curl Ward – 1 YNB, 1 Lib, 1 Grn
    Manly Ward – 1 Lib, 1 GFM, 1 Marginal (Grn vs YNB)

    This would make the council:
    LIB – 5 Likely
    YNB – 3 Likely
    Grn – 2 Likely
    Others – 1 Likely (GFM)
    Marginal – 4

  4. Is YNB considered centrist or are they teal independents? Or are they more conservative leaning independents like the new Independent MP who succeeded Brad Hazzard? (Sorry forgot the names)

  5. @Ethan how are you working out margins for multi-member wards? Unlike Queensland, there are no single-member wards in NSW (the last ones were abolished back when the Botany Bay Council was abolished), so all wards in NSW are elected using proportional voting (some wards in Queensland like Ipswich wards are multi-member and proportionally elected but most are single-member like in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Townsville, Cairns, etc, while like other states/territories some councils are unwarded).

  6. It’s more complicated, but if you look at the distribution of preferences you can often calculate what percentage of the vote needed to flip to change the last seat.

  7. Hi @Daniel T – A good question and one worth explaining to everyone.

    Your Northern Beaches, from its inception as Wake Up Warringah, to the last State Election, didn’t entirely have a political alignment, especially as it had taken in people from all sides of the political spectrum. It was more of a personality push under Michael Regan, who kept the movement united and focused on Council.

    Recently, there had been a gradual break in YNB, with Regan now moving on to State Politics, with numerous personalities trying to place themselves as the leader of the movement in Council. It is difficult to pick up who is leading now and the situation has gotten tougher for YNB with Michael Gencher defecting to the Liberal Party. YNB still has Jose Menano-Pires, who is the former President of the very infamous Forest Brand of the Liberal Party (the branch that virtually had outright control around who would run for the party in Davidson and had a significant say on Mackellar).

    It will be fascinating to see how it goes


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