NT 2020 – election day


8:00am – Polls have just opened for election day in the Northern Territory.

There has been a tremendous number of votes cast before election day. As of Friday evening, over 75,000 votes have been cast – that includes pre-poll votes, mobile polling in small communities, and postal votes received so far. There will be more postal votes to report.

This adds up to 53.5% of all enrolled voters. It’s 48% higher than the equivalent figure at this point in 2016. It seems certain that turnout today will be much lower than in previous elections.

Antony Green has published data on turnout levels per seat, indicating that over 60% of enrolled voters have already voted in three electorates.

I probably won’t be posting regularly through the day but you can use this post to comment on any events that happen today, and I’ll be back at 6pm (6:30pm on the Australian east coast) to cover the results.

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  1. Common sense says postal voting is the “way ahead, moving forward, in the fullness of time, by and large etc: to use those meaningless politicians waffle words and phrases. Corona Virus may force the various governments to move into the 21st century and have postal voting for all election be they local (like in Victoria ), state and territory or commonwealth.

  2. I listened to the ABC TV coverage. I thought the young lady leading CLP spoke well and she was enthusiastic about the future of a party with a more young approach.

  3. I have no problem with postal voting providing
    1) Voting remains compulsory
    2) Any attempt to permit electronic voting is squashed immediately.

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