Fisher and Davenport by-elections in South Australia


Fisher1-2CPWhile I’ve been busy preparing guides to the three major state elections coming up soon, I’ve been neglecting two by-elections due over the next two months in South Australia.

The seats of Fisher and Davenport in southern Adelaide will both be electing new MPs in by-elections: Fisher on December 6, and Davenport on January 31, 2015.

The Fisher by-election was triggered by the death of Bob Such. Such was a former Liberal who had held Fisher since 1989 – holding it as an independent since 2000. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour shortly after winning re-election earlier this year, and died in October.

Former Liberal leader Iain Evans resigned from Davenport shortly after Such’s death. His seat of Davenport lies immediately to the south of Fisher, and the Liberal Party hoped to have both by-elections scheduled on the same date, but the Labor Speaker of the Legislative Assembly declined to do so, and scheduled Davenport for the end of January.

The Liberal Party are favourites to win both seats.

As usual, the guides feature the history and geography of each seat, the results of the last election, a breakdown of booth results from March 2014, and a list of candidates. You can also join in the discussion about each by-election in the comment thread. Click on the links below to visit the by-election pages, or click on the links on the menu at the top of the website:

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