Shepparton – Victoria 2022

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  1. Rematch here, Cheryl Hammer is running again for the Libs. Sheed will hold, Shepp Mayor Kim O’Keefe is probably the only person who could win this seat back at the moment realistically.

  2. Shepparton might be in trouble here actually, the new Shepparton Super School is notably unpopular locally and Suzanna Sheed has been a big backer of the new school. She could very well be in trouble this election actually despite what it seems like on the surface.

  3. Yeah I agree Hamish. I’ve been following that disaster and I fail to see how Sheed will retain.

    There could be a 1999-style backlash against the Andrews government in the regions.

  4. I’ve heard nothing about the school for months now here, I really don’t think that it’ll weigh into the vote as much as people might think, or as much as it might have say a year ago.

  5. The LNP will need to win here if they want to have a chance of getting back into office however you would say that Suzanna Sheed being a member for 8 years is a big ask but it has happened before.

  6. The school issue may not help the Nats as much as you might think – Sam Birrell and Kim O’Keefe both supported it, and the lobby group upset about the super school have been pretty vicious in their criticism of Birrell.

    Hammer outpolled the Nats last time and might do so again.


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