Bellarine – Victoria 2022

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  1. Two unknowns still in Bellarine. Will Lisa Neville recontest and will the Liberals tap their endorsed candidate on the shoulder to make way for Stephanie Asher to stand?

  2. Lisa is retiring. Libs could make up some ground with a decent local appointment. This election might be quite the minefield for the Andrews government and I don’t think the polls will reflect that until the days leading up to it.

  3. Labor hold, I don’t see the Liberals picking this up however there could be a small to them due to the lose of a long time member

  4. It will be interesting to see who Labor choose to replace Neville. The Liberals have (currently) preselected a relatively unknown candidate in Queenscliffe Borough councillor Grigau. If former Geelong mayor (and failed Corangamite candidate) were to run it would potentially make for a closer race, but one which labor would still win.


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