Prosser – Tasmania LC 2024

Incumbent MLC
Jane Howlett (Liberal), since 2018.

South-eastern Tasmania. Prosser covers the entirety of the Glamorgan/Spring Bay, Southern Midlands and Tasman council areas, most of Sorell council area and parts of Brighton and Northern Midlands councils. The main towns are Sorell, Dodges Ferry, Brighton, Bagdad, Swansea and Triabunna.

Prosser was created as a new seat in 2018. While the seat of Western Tiers was abolished and the term of that seat’s MLC expired in 2018, the two seats had barely any overlap. Prosser was mostly made up of areas from the seats of Apsley and Rumney.

Liberal candidate Jane Howlett won Prosser with just 26% of the primary vote, winning 52.7% of the two-party-preferred race against the Labor candidate.

Sitting Liberal MLC Jane Howlett will be stepping down from this seat to contest the electorate of Lyons at the House of Assembly election in March, although she could decide to re-contest this seat if she is not elected in Lyons.

  • Bryan Green (Labor)
  • Pam Sharpe (Independent)

Howlett may have built up the power of incumbency, but seems likely to move to the lower house, leaving this seat vacant. This seat was dominated by the major parties in 2018 so it seems likely it will again be a Labor vs Liberal contest.

2018 result

Candidate Party Votes %
Jane Howlett Liberal 5,051 26.1
Janet Lambert Labor 4,237 21.9
Steve Mav Independent 3,798 19.7
Tony Mulder Independent 1,880 9.7
Lorraine Bennett Shooters, Fishers and Farmers 1,077 5.6
Jim Playsted Independent 969 5.0
Scott Wiggins Independent 573 3.0
Jo Bain Independent 417 2.2
Doug Parkinson Independent 387 2.0
Kelly Spaulding Independent 377 2.0
John The Duke Of Avram Independent 254 1.3
Kim Peart Independent 181 0.9
Colin Harriss Tasmanians 4 Tasmania 126 0.7
Informal 1,019 5.0

2018 two-candidate-preferred result

Candidate Party Votes %
Jane Howlett Liberal 8,776 52.7
Janet Lambert Labor 7,889 47.3

Booth breakdown

Polling places in Prosser have been split into three parts: north-east, south-east and west. These areas follow local government boundaries: South-East covers booths in the Sorell and Tasman LGAs, West covers booths in the Brighton and Southern Midlands LGAs, and North-East covers booths in the Glamorgan/Spring Bay and Northern Midlands LGAs.

The Liberal primary vote was highest in the north-east and west (around 30%) and just 19% in the south-east.

Labor’s vote ranged from 20.9% in the west to 23.2% in the north-east.

Independent candidate Steve Mav topped the primary vote in the south-east with 24.9%, but polled just 11.2% in the north-east.

Voter group LIB % ALP % Mav % Total votes % of votes
South-East 19.1 22.7 24.9 5,760 29.8
West 29.5 20.9 21.6 5,206 26.9
North-East 31.5 23.2 11.2 2,923 15.1
Other votes 30.0 21.8 14.0 2,904 15.0
Pre-poll 24.7 20.8 19.8 2,534 13.1

Election results in Prosser at the 2018 Legislative Council election
Toggle between primary votes for Liberal candidate Jane Howlett, Labor candidate Janet Lambert and independent candidates Steve Mav and Tony Mulder.

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  1. It appears (subject to formal preselection confirmation) that Howlett is going to resign her seat and run as a Liberal for Lyons in the lower house but she can then recontest Prosser in May if she loses.


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