Willoughby – NSW 2023

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  1. Willoughby also gained that part of Artarmon that sat very oddly in the Lane Cove electorate. This basically offset the addition of Castle Cove.

    The parts of St Leonards and Gore Hill that were added are effectively the Artarmon Industrial Estate and have very few voters – unless you count the Bunnings traffic….

  2. Possibly. I don’t expect a repeat of a teal wave at the NSW election (nor the Vic election). In metro Sydney, they may just win one or two.

    A teal independent may run here against Tim James, motivated by the huge by-election swing, teal victories at the federal election and just the fact that he is not Gladys Berejiklian. I feel that Berejiklian appealed to upper-class professionals and social progressives, whilst Mr James is right-wing.

  3. Larissa Penn is already staking out her ground for another run, so it might be counter productive for an Independent with a “Teal” badge to bother here.


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