Scullin – Australia 2022

ALP 21.7%

Incumbent MP
Andrew Giles, since 2013.

Outer northern suburbs of Melbourne. Scullin covers southern parts of the City of Whittlesea, including the suburbs of Mill Park, Thomastown, Lalor, South Morang and Epping.

No change.


Scullin has existed since the 1969 election, and in that time has always been held by the Labor Party, and specifically by the Jenkins family.

The seat was first won in 1969 by Harry Jenkins Sr, who had previously been a state Labor MP since 1961. Jenkins was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives upon the election of the Hawke government in 1983. He retired from Parliament in late 1985.

The 1986 Scullin by-election was won by Harry Jenkins Jr, son of the former MP. The younger Jenkins served as Deputy Speaker from 1993 to 2007, and he was elected Speaker in early 2008 after the election of the Rudd government. Jenkins was re-elected in 2010, stood down as Speaker in 2011, and retired in 2013.

Labor’s Andrew Giles won Scullin in 2013, and has been re-elected twice.


  • Patchouli Paterson (Greens)
  • Ursula Van Bree (One Nation)
  • Eric Koelmeyer (Liberal Democrats)
  • Andrew Giles (Labor)
  • Yassin Albarri (United Australia)
  • Virosh Perera (Liberal)
  • Cameron Rowe (Victorian Socialists)
  • Assessment
    Scullin is a very safe Labor seat.

    2019 result

    Andrew Giles Labor 55,46760.4+1.0
    Gurpal Singh Liberal 20,48422.3-3.5
    Cynthia Smith Greens 6,1286.7-0.6
    Firas HasanUnited Australia Party4,6255.0+5.0
    Rod WhitfieldAnimal Justice3,5003.8+0.5
    Yassin Akram AlbarriIndependent1,6051.7+1.8

    2019 two-party-preferred result

    Andrew Giles Labor 65,78771.7+2.1
    Gurpal Singh Liberal 26,02228.3-2.1

    Booth breakdown

    Polling places in Scullin have been divided into three parts: north, south-east and south-west.

    Labor won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in all three areas, ranging from 70.8% in the south-east to 79.8% in the south-west.

    Voter groupALP 2PP %Total votes% of votes
    Other votes70.216,25517.7

    Election results in Scullin at the 2019 federal election
    Toggle between two-party-preferred votes and primary votes for Labor and the Liberal Party.

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    1. I was going to jokingly call this a Liberal gain in reference to the bullishness on the Coalition’s prospects, but that bullishness has since died down.

    2. I had hoped to vote for the Animal Justice Party. Am very disappointed. That said, I know whom to put last on the ticket and shall research Doctor Google for information on each of the other four candidates! This election is our chance to turn the rotten tide around!!!!


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