Moore – Australia 2022

LIB 11.6%

Incumbent MP
Ian Goodenough, since 2013.

Northern Perth. Moore covers suburbs along the coast on the northern fringe of Perth, including Carine, Hillarys, Sorrento, Mullaloo, Ocean Reef, Joondalup, Kinross, Kingsley, North Beach, Watermans Bay and Woodvale.

Moore expanded slightly, taking in a small area from Cowan and also taking in Carine, North Beach and Watermans Bay from Stirling.

Moore was created for the 1949 election, and has been dominated by conservative parties for most of its history. It has been held by the Country Party or Liberal Party for most of that period, although it was won by the ALP at three elections in the 1980s and was retained by a former Liberal independent in the 1990s.

Moore was first won in 1949 by the Country Party’s Hugh Leslie, a former state MP. Leslie held the seat until 1958, when he lost the seat to the Liberal Party’s Hugh Halbert. Leslie won the seat back in 1961, and retired in 1963.

Donald Maisey won the seat for the Country Party in 1963. He held the seat for the next decade, and lost in 1974 to the Liberal Party’s John Hyde. Hyde helped form ‘the Dries’ as a group of Liberal backbenchers supporting mass privatisations and deregulation, and was highly critical of the Fraser government. Hyde lost his seat in 1983.

The ALP’s Allen Blanchard won Moore in 1983, and held the seat until the 1990 election, when he lost to Liberal candidate Paul Filing.

Paul Filing was re-elected in 1993, but in 1995 he lost Liberal endorsement for Moore, and he became an independent. He managed to win re-election in 1996, but he lost the seat in 1998 to Liberal candidate Mal Washer.

Washer held Moore for five terms, and retired in 2013.. Washer was succeeded in 2013 by Liberal candidate Ian Goodenough, who has been re-elected twice.


  • Sue Andersson (Great Australian Party)
  • Peter Gunness (Western Australia Party)
  • Tom French (Labor)
  • Mark Cooper (Greens)
  • Ian Goodenough (Liberal)
  • Brian Brightman (One Nation)
  • Helen Watkinson (United Australia)
  • Martin Suter (Federation)
  • Assessment
    Moore is a safe Liberal seat.

    2019 result

    Ian Goodenough Liberal 45,50351.3-3.751.5
    Tony O’Gorman Labor 21,76024.5-4.224.7
    Daniel Vujcich Greens 10,73512.1-0.612.1
    Tyler WalshOne Nation4,1134.6+4.64.4
    Ziggi MurphyIndependent2,3902.7+2.72.4
    Rod ChilcottUnited Australia Party1,5911.8+1.81.8
    Jen JacobsWestern Australia Party1,4281.6+1.61.6
    Rex HostAustralian Christians1,2591.4-2.21.4

    2019 two-party-preferred result

    Ian Goodenough Liberal 54,73561.7+0.661.6
    Tony O’Gorman Labor 34,04438.3-0.638.4

    Booth breakdown

    Booths have been divided into three parts: central, north and south.

    The Liberal Party won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in all three areas, ranging from 59.1% in the north to 65.2% in the south.

    Voter groupGRN prim %LIB 2PP %Total votes% of votes
    Other votes13.960.413,33513.3

    Election results in Moore at the 2019 federal election
    Toggle between two-party-preferred votes and primary votes for the Liberal Party, Labor and the Greens.

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    1. I don’t think this will flip however it’s worth noting that the corresponding state seats experienced some of the largest swings to Labor in the state at the last state election. The state seat of Joondalup saw a swing of 24.7% to Labor, Hillarys 19.3% and Kingsley 15.7%. While federal Labor is not likely to hold the same appeal as state Labor, the seat has a weak sitting member and the result should be pretty close in Moore.

    2. Could the Liberals be in trouble here? From what I can gather, Goodenough is a pretty unpopular MP, and if Tangney is in play due to an unpopular MP I’d imagine this isn’t far behind, with the margin only 2 points higher. I still predict the Liberals hold but this could get close. As Malcolm said, we also saw some of the largest swings here in the state election.

    3. I did a bit of a drive through the southern reaches of Moore and the northern end of Curtin the other day. There wasn’t an election sign to be seen in places like Carine/Duncraig/North Beach/Sorrento, whereas there were signs everywhere in Karrinyup/Doubleview/Scarborough/Trigg.

      Based on this, I’d think the Liberals are a lot more worried about Curtin than they are about Moore. Which is disappointing given not-anywhere-near-Goodenough is sitting on this seat.

    4. My name is Peter Gunness and I am feeling privileged to be your Candidate for the 2022 Federal election seat of Moore.!!
      I have become quite interested in the Western Australia party as a political alternative party to the 2 major parties. I am particularly impressed with this party’s main driving force developing Policy for the benefit of WA and their independent ability to hold account policies being implemented by the federal major parties with sensible decisions for the benefit of all Australian citizens.
      I feel it will make a difference having our central Independent ideological party representing WA’S INTERESTS with sensible and well planed policies and also being a party in the Federal legislative assembly helping to govern Australia by keeping the big parties travelling in the right direction.
      The WA party is a young enthusiastic party with great potential to keep the stale major parties in check and influence decision making, particularly in relation to WA.
      It’s time WA. Make your vote count!
      Authorised by P Gunness, Ventnor Ave West Perth

    5. Peter Gunness

      Your candidates don’t seem particularly young.
      Furthermore, why should voters vote for a party which barely escaped deregistration?

    6. Bit of a longshot, but I’ve noticed a former MP for this seat, Paul Filing (1990-98, first a Lib then an Ind), is running as One Nation for the Senate. What was he like as an MP, and did he have views that would fit in One Nation back then?

    7. Western Aus Party preference Labor.
      Labor preference Greens and then Liberal. Liberal at least put Labor and Greens last with Experian to GAP.

      Left wing, right wing and the Geen tail wing … ALL attached to the same BIRD

      Put the majors LAST 🗳

      The definition of insanity is:

      “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”

      This election look at the individual people on the ballot – do your home work, know their values and what they will fight for.

      Make your vote count and go all the way –

    8. @ Lilli Well you’ve convinced me. I can’t wait to vote for the LDP senate candidate for Tasmania in the WA electorate of Moore.

    9. @lilli. Just for the record the WA Party do not preference anyone. It is up to the voter to choose where there preference go. All they ask is to vote them number 1.

    10. I was driving a sleeping child through the Curtin/Moore border areas again yesterday, and there’s no sign whatsoever of any campaign other than a few desultory nowhere-near-Goodenough corfutes and a few Freedumb-Freedumb-Freedumb posters. And one or two fringe candidates like the WA Party. Not one ALP sign at all – maybe there’s some in the more northerly sections of the electorate, but a vote in any area’s as good as anywhere else.

      Returning into northern Curtin, the corflutes were everywhere. Though I do feel that there’s been a few Chaney ones pulled down (that’s entirely anecdotal though)

      There is nothing happening in Moore. Not-even-close-to-Goodenough will be drawing a MHR salary for a few more years without actually having to do a single thing.

    11. Looks like the ALP should have put in at least some effort. This one coming down to under 1% is stunning

    12. Labor must be regretting not putting a lot of effort here. It looks like Ian Goodenough can very narrowly win on postals. Labor would be happy to gain this seat so the Libs have no seat left in Perth.


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