Podcast #122: Picking over the proposed federal redistributions


Ben is joined by William Bowe from the Poll Bludger to discuss the federal redistribution proposals for New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. We discuss the process, what has been proposed, the political impact of those proposals and how it might affect preselections, and why some of the maps are drawn as they are.

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  1. @Ben I haven’t actually listened to them before though, usually I’m too busy. Interesting podcast though.

  2. Ben,

    thanks for the new podcast.

    I do enjoy listening to whenever William joins you. Although he is Perth based, I am not sure where he went to school and I am a little concerned about his Australian history and geography knowledge if he is not even recognising Botany Bay.

    I must raise one complaint though. I was great to hear so much discussion about Bennelong, Lane Cove and North Sydney, but honestly, if you think Kylea Tink is some sort of electoral marvel that she has single handedly made the Lane Cove area a less successful area for the formerly dominant Liberals, then you really need to up the level of research. There were large swings in Lane Cove in 2019 – well before Kylea Tink. And the best datapoint against the argument is the most recent.


    In even the most Liberal or Teal side of the federal seat, Labor increased its vote in the face of a Teal backed IND and achieved a 9% swing under OPV. To credit Tink which much more than a marginal effect on the 2PP in the Lane Cove area in 2022 is stretching it.


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