Federal redistribution update


The AEC is currently in the process of concluding the current federal redistribution for Tasmania and Western Australia, who have maintained their numbers of seats at 5 and 15 respectively. The new GIS data has not been uploaded yet, and as soon as it is I will produce new Google Earth maps for these states for the 2010 federal election.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has also released its latest population statistics, which confirm that New South Wales will lose another seat, falling to 48, in favour of Queensland, which will increase its representation from 29 to 30. This will be reflected in more redistributions prior to the next election.

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  1. I heard Antony Green comment on this, he said this would make the unlikely chance of a 2009 double dissolution even less likely.

  2. I don’t see why it would make a difference either way. There was almost certainly going to be a transfer of another seat from NSW to Queensland, and it doesn’t make a significant impact on the eventual election result. I’m sure any consideration of the possibility of a DD in 2009 will have little to do with the redistribution.

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