Melbourne counting room


So I’m in the City of Melbourne counting room at Victoria University on Flinders Street and I’ll give you the current lay of the land.

As it stands for Council, Jetter, Oke (the Greens candidate), and Louey are the only ones with a quota. Ong stands on 0.93 quotas, Shanahan on 0.83, Kanis on 0.8 and Clarke on 0.74. Following that you have Jetter’s #2, Bini, on 0.65 and Leppert of the Greens on 0.48. On those numbers, it appears incredibly difficult for Rohan Leppert to win for the Greens. It will probably be one from each of the top seven polling tickets, with a chance that Bini could defeat Clarke on preferences.

As far as the Lord Mayoral race, the key numbers are:

  • Doyle – 26.38%
  • Bandt – 15.44%
  • McMullin – 12.26%
  • Ng – 10.82%
  • Singer – 10.33%
  • Others – 24.76%

So it appears that Doyle or McMullin, or possibly Ng, are the most likely to win, although Bandt could end up coming second. We should know later today.

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