Sunday morning update


I’m going to spend some time today at the count for the City of Melbourne, but I thought I’d start by updating on some interesting races.

In Port Phillip’s Junction Ward, Greens candidate John Middleton polled 20.25% of the primary vote, and our scrutineers indicate that he is on track for just over 60% of the vote after preferences.

In Carlisle Ward, Greens candidate Cameron Pidgeon is on 24%, with the leading candidate on less than 31% on primary votes, and has a chance of winning on preferences.

In Griffin Ward of Banyule, Greens candidate Dean Winkle is on 21.48%, trailing Jenny Mulholland on 38.24%, with a third candidate on 18.67% and a number of other candidates. While it would take a strong preference flow, it appears that Winkle was preferenced by most other candidates.

The most interesting race of election night was in Ranges Ward of Cardinia. The ward elects two councillors, and the three candidates came extremely close to each other:

  • Graeme Legge – 35.74%
  • Ed Chatwin – 32.56%
  • Linda Hamilton – 31.70% (GRN)

It appears that a preference distribution gave the second seat to Chatwin, but we haven’t got the exact numbers and this could end up as a recount.

In Kangaroo Flat in Greater Bendigo, Greens Cr David Jones sits on 32.67%, with Barry Lyons on 42.03%. The other two candidates, who collectively won 25.3%, both preferenced Jones, but he would need to win at about three-quarters of preferences to win, and some may flow to Lyons as a donkey vote, meaning the leakage rate needs to be very low for the Greens to hold on.

In Hobsons Bay’s Williamstown ward, there is a three way race:

  • Angela Altair – 39.73%
  • Michael Faltermeier – 22.3% (GRN)
  • Kate Kennedy – 22.13%
  • Other candidates – 15.84%

The gap between Faltermeier and Kennedy is only a bare seven votes, so either could pull out ahead on preferences, and either would face a hard race to win, but could overcome Altair. I hear that the Greens were treated favourably by other candidates’ HTV cards.

In Greater Bendigo’s Flora Hill ward, it appears that Greens Cr Julie Rivendell has been defeated. Her seat is the only seat the Greens appear to have lost at this election.

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  1. Rose Iser elected in the South Ward in Moonee Valley with more than a quota. Not sure of results, but sadly Bob Muntz won’t be joining her from Central Ward.

  2. Ballarat result:

    Belinda Coates with 13.59% of the primary vote, second place on primaries in a 3-member ward narrowly misses out by around 35 votes in the last distribution. Waiting on a recount decision.

  3. Damian Magner in Hawdon Ward, Banyule is top in primaries, 3 other candidates also polling strongly:
    Magner (GRN) 23.10%
    MacNeil (ALP) 22.50%
    Briffa (IND=LIB?) 21.56%
    Appleby (ALP) 13.99%

    There are 5 other candidates in Hawdon Ward – it’s going to be a complex and time-consuming preference count tomorrow, in Flintoff St Greensborough, 2 mins from Gr’bh station (hint, hint :).

    Any other experienced scrutineers with time to help?
    Dean could probably also use scrutineering help for Griffin Ward, Banyule, also counting in Greensborough.

    Linda Laos
    0412 614 645

  4. Hmm, for some reason I had Hawdon ward listed as a definite loss, but I can’t work out why, so back it goes to the “maybe” column.

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