Post-election website update


Now that the NSW election is coming to a close, I wanted to give an update on how the website is going, and my plans for the coming months.

Yesterday I posted my guide for the Tasmanian Legislative Council elections on May 2nd. After this, there are no state or territory elections until the next Tasmanian Legislative Council elections in 2016.

In 2016 we’ll see Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory elections, followed by the federal election in late 2016.

We’ll also see council elections in Australia’s four largest states: Western Australia in October 2015, Queensland in March 2016, New South Wales in September 2016 and Victoria in October 2016.

During this time, you’ll see less from this website up front, but a lot will be going on behind the scenes. I’m going to be looking to publish a lot of election data in a clean format to be used by analysts.

I’ll also be covering the many redistributions due over the next year, including various council ward redistributions, state and federal redistributions in ACT and WA and a federal redistribution in NSW, and then I’ll be preparing guides to the various elections due in 2016.

In the lead-up to the NSW election, this website underwent a shift to a new and improved server, in order to better cope with spikes in traffic on major election nights, in particular the large spike which saw the website out of action for the Queensland state election.

The upgrade seems to have worked very well – let me know in comments if you noticed an improvement, or if you noticed any of the problems experienced at other recent elections.

The new server is costing me a bit more money, and while I have made enough during the recent busy period to cover the server’s costs for the next few months, the (much appreciated) regular donations I’m currently receiving are only covering about 2/3s of the monthly cost of the new server, so if you’d like to help cover the costs of the website’s functioning, please consider donating.

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