NSW 2015 – the final week


With five days to go until election day, you can now read through the entirety of the Tally Room guide to the NSW state election.

Profiles of all 93 seats are now available, including final lists of candidates. Most seats now feature comment threads discussing that electorate, and everyone is welcome to join in!

In addition, I have written a guide to the Legislative Council, as well as a summary of NSW political history, a summary of the last four years in NSW politics, a summary of the recent redistribution, and an article going through the key seats in the election.

I appeared on FBI Radio’s Backchat program again on Saturday morning to discuss optional preferential voting, and I’ll be on the show again on election morning. I’ll also be joining 2SER’s Election Nerds from 7pm to 9pm on election night, and I’m also going to be appearing on Radio National later this week (more details to come).

Meanwhile, we have seen a number of polls released in the last few days. An Ipsos poll yesterday had the Coalition leading 54-46 over Labor. In addition, Reachtel has released three polls showing Labor leading in Ballina, Newtown and Strathfield.

You can use this post as an open thread to discuss the state election, as we enter the final week.

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  1. Is anyone looking at the regions? The new electorate of Murray has five of the eight candidates looking to unseat the Minister of Education who is suggested in February’s ‘Monthly’ as considering closing all schools below 300 pupils and selling the properties. Money is desperately needed to build new school in Western Sydney.
    He has no plan to save the Valencia orange industry. Production was 400,000 tonnes per year in 1970 when the rot started to less than 200,000 t p y now. It is projected by the Griffith City Council Economic Development Manager to fall to zero.
    He will not respond to the equivalent of 300,000 t p y of Brazilian orange concentrate flooding in.
    It contains carbendazim which is banned for use by Australian farmers and is cancerous. The concentrate has no vitamin C and no antioxidants

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