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9:31pm – People have posted a bunch of results about results in Manningham, Melbourne and Brimbank, where the sitting councillor in Harvester Ward retired and the new Greens candidate managed a quota in her own right. I’ve also been sent a bunch of results from Port Phillip which I’m gonna read now and post the interesting bits.

7:38pm – We have the second Greens gain of the night. With half the booths counted, the Greens candidate in Glen Eira Rosstown is on 26%, so should be elected.

7:25pm – I’ve updated the other page for each council for which we have information.

6:55pm – I’ve been busy scrutineering in Brunswick for Moreland South. Some results that have been coming in: it appears that the Greens candidate in Sugarloaf ward of Nillumbik has fallen short after leading on primary votes. In Surf Coast the Greens candidate is on 10% (a quota) with a small sample, and we should know more later. In Queenscliffe Lloyd Davis remains ahead with 640 votes out of 3000, and a progressive independent is coming second, on the five-member council. The race in Casey River Gum is going down to preferences, with the Greens candidate leading slightly on primary votes.

5:16pm – In Yarra Ranges, Cr Sam Dunn has been re-elected to Lyster ward, with 52% of the primary vote. Her closest rival polled 25%. In Moonee Valley, Cr Rose Iser is polling a quota on primary votes in South Ward, while the Greens candidate is going to struggle in Central Ward. In Greater Bendigo, with primary votes reporting, both Greens councillors are competitive but not safe in their races for their single-councillor wards.

4:04pm – On a sample of 1800 votes in Whitehorse Central, Bill Pemberton is on 21%, with the other Greens candidate John Vincent on 6%, which should be enough to get Pemberton elected if trends continue.

3:56pm – I’m going to set up a separate page listing results by council alphabetically. You can find it at the top of the page.

3:48pm – In Queenscliff, scrutineers are telling us that the Greens are currently running first and well over quota, so it looks like Lloyd Davies will be the new Greens councillor for Queenscliff.

2:29pm – Alright, here we go. Getting some figures in now. So far only a few small country wards have reported to the VEC. With the Greens, some results have come in through our scrutineers. In Mount Alexander, the single-member Calder Ward appears to have gone to the conservative Peter Brook Ackland, defeating Greens candidate Doug Ralph. In Whitehorse Council, Cr Helen Harris appears on track to be re-elected with a sample of 1000 votes in Elgar Ward. Greens candidate Bill Pemberton is running in Central Ward, where a sample of 300 votes currently has it too early to call, although he’s in a good position. In South Ward of Stonnington council we are on about 7% on an early sample, which would not be nearly enough to win a seat. In Yarra Ranges, Greens are running in three wards, including Lyster Ward where there is a sitting Greens councillor. In Streeton and Chandler wards the Greens have fallen short, and the incumbents will be re-elected.

12:22pm – I’m heading out to do some handing out in Moreland, but I’ll try and keep this up regularly. You can follow results at this VEC page. Apart from those country wards which saw councillors elected unopposed, only one ward has primary votes up, which is a ward of Hepburn council, near Ballarat.

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  1. In the Loddon Ward of Mount Alexander the progressive in dedependant has seen of the developer faction Micheal Redden elected on preferences the score in Mt Alexander one right wing Climate change denier and one progressive.

  2. Correction to “follow the preferences”:
    The other two candidates in Loddon were about as non-developer as one could get. Farrell lives in a self-sustaining wind & solar powered house which makes Greens turn green, while Holland couldn’t even develop correct spelling for his flyer, let alone develop a building! The “right-wing Climate change denier” is actually a moderate science-accepter.

  3. Lloyd Davies elected in Queenscliffe with over a quota.

    Liezl Shnookal looks to have just missed out in Nillumbik along with the two other candidates in the shire.

  4. Ben, since you have been scrutineering in Moreland South, what can you tell us? I have a friend running there.

  5. We’re in Brunswick South West, and the result was the Green came first, followed by Lambros Tapinos and Alice Pryor in third place. It’s pretty much certain that those three will win.

  6. Ben, I notice that NO-ONE NOMINATED for Goldsmith Ward at Central Pyrenees. What were you guys thinking? You could have picked up another seat without even trying!

  7. This site seems to be the best place for up-to-the-minute results – much better than the VEC!

    Any words on central ward in Bayside?

  8. Preliminary numbers for Melbourne City Council: with greater than 2/3 of the atl vote tallied, the greens have polled 18.6% of the vote, beaten only by Activate with 21.4%. That’s a quota and a healthy surplus.

  9. What is happening in Darebin?

    Has the expected happened and The Greens won a seat in Rucker ward?

    Has the possible happened and the Greens Won in Cazaly ward?

    Has the unexpected happened and the Greens won in La Trobe ward?

  10. I’ve had people phone through some results which I’ll enter here:

    Maribyrnong, our candidates scored 13.7 in Stony Creek, 20% in Sheoak and 14.2 in River Ward. None going to win.

    In Whitehorse, Elgar Ward Helen Harris is confirmed elected. She got 25.7% primaries (two candidate ward so quota is 33%). Another Green, Alistair McCaskill got 11% and came in 3rd.

    And Adam at 8:12 last night, Central Pyranees is not exactly Green heartland 🙂

  11. think the greens could be influential in the outcomes in Port Phillip? Carlisle ward looking interesting … where are the green preferences flowing in Port Phillip?

  12. FANTASTIC result in Casey – River Gum Ward not exactly green heartland. Lynette Keleher has worked extremely hard and is being rewarded with really stong polling. John Rickard is polling well too. GREEN dream team effort.

  13. Back down to Earth with the shattering result that neither Bendigo incumbent was re-elected. Looks like David Low missed out in Kingston, too.

  14. Ben, you’re doing a great job. Pity it’s so hard to get results.
    Very frustrating to not be able to find out the results from interstate – I was on the computer at the post-election party of the NSW council elections and it was easy to see what was happening.
    Looking forward to hearing news from Moreland when you get some


    South Ward
    CONNELLAN, Josephine (GRNS) (Quota on 1st Pref)
    TAPINOS, Lambros (ALP Right)
    PRYOR, Alice (ALP Ind)
    (Greens Candidate Peter Elgood 5th)

    North East Ward (SUBJECT TO RECOUNT)
    ARCHER, Toby (GRNS) (18th position on ballot)
    TETI, Michael (ALP Right)
    KARIOFYLLIDIS, Stella (ALP Right)
    HELOU, Anthony (ALP SL)
    (Independent Paul Kavanagh 5th)
    Former Mayor Joe Caputo failed to be reelected

    North West Ward
    MATTHEWS-WARD, Kathleen (ALP Right)
    KAVANAGH, John (IND)
    YILDIZ, Oscar (ALP Right)
    ERDOGAN, Enver (ALP Right)
    (Greens Candidate Rob Humphreys 5th)
    Former councillor Milad El-Halabi fails to be reelected

    Greens consolidate their position in South and North East while achieving a better then expected result in North West (first time Greens candidates have contested this ward) while ALP Right gains at expense of Socialist Left & Independents. Socialist Alliance achieves respectable showing in South ward with 4th position following distribution of preferences. Assessment – 5 competent councillors elected, four others new councillors its “wait and see” and the remaining two elected its a disappointing result for good representation & governance in this city.

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