Victorian council election day preview


I’m sitting in Sydney airport about to board a flight to Melbourne. I’ll be liveblogging results as they come in from Victorian Greens scrutineers today, tomorrow and probably Monday too. Unlike the NSWEC, which implemented a Virtual Tally Room for the first time for council elections in September, and the QEC, which has a lot fewer councils to deal with, the Victorian Electoral Commission doesn’t do any online results. I’m not sure how I’m gonna do this, but I figure I’ll have a liveblogging post with results listed by the order in which I receive them and have a separate page with each ward listed alphabetically with any figures we have so far. During lulls I’ll update my maps and post screenshots. This will probably consist of “red” for a loss, “green” for a win and “yellow” for a race too close to call or yet to report.

Remember that 70 of Victoria’s 79 LGAs use postal voting, and my impression is those councils will have their counting staggered over the next few days, with some reporting as early as later this morning, although there won’t be many of them. The nine councils using attendance voting, which are mostly inner-Melbourne councils, will report in the evening the way that federal and state elections do, ie. there will be a lull after 6pm then a rush as counts are tallied.

Also, I’ll only be doing council wards where Greens are running. Sorry, but the task becomes so much more difficult otherwise.

Anyway, as soon as the first results start coming in I’ll start posting figures.

Update: Dave in comments points out that there seems to be some sort of results facility on the VEC website. Hopefully that will be up-to-date, in which case I’ll focus more on compiling the Greens results and analysis, but either way I’ll be covering the results.

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