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I’ve been running this website now for just over nine years, and in that time I’ve put in thousands of hours of work, in particular making election guides and electoral boundary maps, more recently expanding into producing clean election results datasets free for use.

A handful of much-appreciated readers have been donating a small monthly amount for a while now, but it’s only just enough to cover the financial cost of running the web server.

I’ve explained on my Patreon page what I’d like to do with any additional donations – my goal is to have twenty regular donors giving every month to keep up my current work, but I’ve also set some stretch goals that would allow me to spend more time on the website and get more stuff done. I’m planning to do regular updates about my ongoing work to those who sign up as patrons.

My plan is to see how many patrons sign up in the month of December, and then use that to plan my work for 2018.

You can become a patron by clicking this button:

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And below the fold you can read my spiel from the Patreon page.

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