Marriage survey results – liveblog

11:41am – I won’t be making any more posts in this thread but I might come back later today with a summary.

10:54am – Eleven of the ‘no’ seats are held by Labor MPs. Five of the other six are held by the Coalition, and one is held by KAP.

10:45am – Here’s the breakdown of the turnout by demographic group:

Generally women were more likely to vote, and older people were more likely to vote.

10:39am – And here is my results map:

10:34am – The result was reasonably consistent across the country. The AEC classifies seats into four regional types. The vote was best in the inner metro, and worst in outer metro.

StateYes voteTurnout
Inner Metropolitan65.6881.17
Outer Metropolitan58.4679.32

10:34am – And here’s the same info as a table:

StateYes voteTurnout

10:28am – Here’s the yes vote by state.

The ACT voted about 74% in favour. NSW was the lowest state, with 57.8%. 12 of the 17 ‘no’ seats were in Sydney. Two were in Melbourne, three were in rural Queensland.

10:16am – The electorates which voted no are: Blaxland, Watson, McMahon, Werriwa, Fowler, Parramatta, Chifley, Calwell, Barton, Maranoa, Banks, Greenway, Kennedy, Bruce, Mitchell, Groom and Bennelong. Twelve of these seats are contiguous seats in western and southern Sydney.

10:02am – Turnout of 79.5%, approximately 12.7 million voters. All age groups had participation over 70%, slightly higher for older age groups. 78% of 18-19 year olds returned. Much lower turnout in the Northern Territory.10:04am – 61.6% of voters voted yes. Every state and territory recorded a yes result.

9:00am – Results will be announced in one hour, at 10am AEDT. I plan to download the data as quickly as possible and publish some interesting results as soon as possible, so please stay tuned right here.

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