Sydney by-election results live

Results of Sydney by-election
24/24 booths reporting primary votes.
24/24 booths reporting two-candidate-preferred votes.

CandidatePartyPrim %Swing2PP %Swing
Robyn PeeblesCDP1.9%+0.8%
Alex GreenwichIND48.5%+12.2%64.9%+11.8%
Chris HarrisGRN17.7%+5.0%
Shayne MallardLIB29.8%-6.4%35.1%-11.8%
Glenn WallIND2.1%2.1%

8:41pm – I was planning on posting a map of who won each booth, but it’s not worth it. Below is the map produced showing the top polling candidate the 2011 state election (Clover Moore in yellow, Liberal Adrian Bartels in blue). This time around, Mallard has only managed to win a single booth – St Joseph’s, Edgecliff, at the eastern edge of the seat. He won this booth with 54.4% of the 2CP vote. Greenwich has won all others (three are yet to report, but all these should be won easily based on primary votes).

I’ll leave it there tonight, and will return tomorrow with more information.

Polling booths in Sydney at the 2011 state election. Booths are coloured according to the party that won the vote in each booth in the Legislative Assembly: Clover Moore in yellow, Liberal in blue.

8:32pm – We now have primary votes from all booths, plus a large batch of prepolls. We have a small number of prepolls and all booths barring three for two-candidate preferred votes. Greenwich is at 48.5%, far ahead of Shayne Mallard, who is just under 30%. From this position he will easily win. I’m going to leave most of the analysis until tomorrow, but I will be posting a map in a minute showing what this result looks like across the seat.

7:37pm – Unfortunately I’m busy cooking dinner right now – on Antony Green’s figures, 17 booths have reported and Greenwich is on 49% of the primary vote. He has won easily. Will come back soon with more figures.

7:18pm – First four booths in have Greenwich up 5.7%, the Greens up 3.6% and the Liberals down 2.5%. If these numbers continue Greenwich should win comfortably. The trend of Liberals down, Greens up and Moore/Greenwich up more is consistent across all four booths.

6:33pm – I’ll be tracking the results until about 7:45, after which time I’ll be unavailable. Antony Green has already reported that the NSWEC will be doing a two-candidate count between the independent Greenwich and the Liberal, Shayne Mallard. These are the most likely to come in the top two, although Greens candidate Chris Harris will also be hoping for a good result.

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