Capricornia – Australia 2022

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  1. Has any seat swung larger in a 12 year period (excluding redistributions) than this seat? 25 point improvement from the Coalition from 2007 to 2019.

    Seems to also apply to the state level – Mirani voted ONP twice and Rockhampton’s moved right in recent years too.

  2. I think even if you count all seats, including those that have been significantly altered by redistributions, Capricornia still has the largest 2007-to-2019 swing, with neighbouring Dawson taking second place.

  3. Why is Labor choosing the same candidate who obtained the worst result in decades for the ALP in this seat? He suffered a 12 point swing against him yet he thinks he can win this seat back? Labor is dreaming.

    Labor may never win this seat back ever again which says allot. You could argue it wasn’t the candidates fault but I’m afraid he definitely played a part in the drubbing in this seat. Only Steve Pearce could make this remotely close, Russell is not the man to do it.

  4. Yes sorry that’s who I meant, I got mixed up with names, He may have lost Mirani in 2017 but it wasn’t to the LNP. He was considered one of the only people in 2012 that if Labor would gain a seat it would be him, He lost but he def is a decent country bloke. It’s very rare you will see this on the left now.

    Capricornia along with Dawson joins Moncrieff,Wide Bay,McPherson,Fadden,Groom,Hinkler,Fisher,Fairfax,Wright,Maranoa and Kennedy (ALP vs LNP) as Ultra-Safe seats that will never flip outside of landslide years for Labor.

  5. this is the best np vote here for decades….. this seat is mainly Urban Rockhampton ….. look at the state election figures…. would be alp held easily on those figures…. has usually been labor held since the 60s

  6. You have the ask the question with this seat is where will the One Nation go similar to Dawson. It was 17% that is very unlikely to repeat itself in the next election. WIth Labor putting in miners there is a chance.


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