Victoria 2010

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Welcome to the Tally Room’s guide to the 2010 Victorian state election. This guide includes comprehensive coverage of each seat’s history, geography, political situation and results of the 2006 election, as well as maps and tables showing those results.

Legislative Assembly seat profiles
Seat profiles have been produced for all 88 Legislative Assembly electoral districts. You can use the following navigation to click through to each seat’s profile. You can also find links to each seat profile on the profile of each Legislative Council region.

Legislative Council region profiles
Guides have also been written for Legislative Council races in all eight regions. Each region contains eleven Legislative Assembly districts and elects five Members of the Legislative Council. Each profile contains links to Legislative Assembly profiles written for districts in that region, as well as a map of the region, the results of the 2006 election in that region, and candidates for the Legislative Council in that region.