Traeger – QLD 2017

KAP vs LNP 16.1%

Incumbent MP
Rob Katter, since 2012.

North-Western Queensland. The seat of Traeger covers the city of Mount Isa and a large mass of northwestern Queensland, stretching from the NT boundary to Charters Towers. The seat covers the local government areas of Burke, Charters Towers, Cloncurry, Croydon, Doomadgee, Etheridge, Flinders, McKinlay, Mornington, Mount Isa, Richmond and parts of Carpentaria.

Traeger is a new name for Mount Isa. The seat shifted north, losing the Boulia, Diamantina and Winton council areas to Gregory, and gaining the Charters Towers council area from Dalrymple. These changes increased the KAP vs LNP margin from 15.2% to 15.8%.


The seat of Mount Isa has existed since 1972. It has been predominantly won by the Labor Party.

Alex Inch won the seat for the ALP in 1972. He lost in 1974 to Country Party candidate Angelo Bertini. He held the seat until 1983, when he was defeated by Labor candidate Bill Price. Price himself was defeated in 1986 by Liberal candidate Peter Beard. Beard held the seat for one term, losing in 1989.

The ALP’s Tony McGrady won the seat in 1989. He held the seat throughout the 1990s, and became a minister in 1998. He became Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in 2005, and retired in 2006.

Labor’s Betty Kiernan held Mount Isa for two terms from 2006 to 2012.

In 2012, Kiernan lost Mount Isa to Rob Katter. Katter, the son of federal MP Bob Katter, ran for Katter’s Australian Party. Labor suffered a large 18% swing and Kiernan was relegated to third place. Katter was re-elected in 2015.


Traeger is a reasonably safe seat for Katter’s Australian Party.

2015 election result

Rob KatterKatter’s Australian Party7,46846.8+5.246.8
John Wharton Liberal National 4,64629.1-0.528.8
Simon Tayler Labor 2,89918.2-8.519.4
Scott SheardOne Nation6384.0+4.02.8
Marcus Foth Greens 3182.0-0.22.2

2015 two-party-preferred result

Rob KatterKatter’s Australian Party9,30465.2+5.266.1
John Wharton Liberal National 4,96834.8-5.233.9

Booth breakdown

Booths in Traeger have been divided into three areas. Polling places in Mount Isa have been grouped together, with the remainder divided into north and south.

The Katter’s Australian Party two-candidate-preferred vote (against the Liberal National Party) ranged from 63% in the north to 73% in Mount Isa.

Labor came third, with a vote ranging from 14% in the north to 22% in Mount Isa.


Voter groupALP prim %KAP 2CP %Total votes% of votes
Mount Isa22.173.36,55629.6
Other votes19.459.48,03736.3

Election results in Traeger at the 2015 QLD state election
Click on the ‘visible layers’ box to toggle between KAP vs LNP two-candidate-preferred primary votes and Labor primary votes.

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