Franklin – Australia 2019

ALP 10.7%

Incumbent MP
Julie Collins, since 2007.

Franklin covers the southern parts of Tasmania and the eastern suburbs of Hobart. The seat is divided into two parts, with each covering half of the voters in the electorate. Half live on the eastern shore of the Derwent River in Clarence and Brighton LGAs, while the other half lives to the south and west of Hobart in Kingborough and Huon Valley LGAs.

Franklin lost an area on its north-eastern edge, including Richmond and Old Beach, to Lyons.

Franklin was created for the 1903 election. The seat was first held by William McWilliams, who was a member at various times of the minor Revenue Tariff party, the Free Traders, the Commonwealth Liberal Party and the Nationalists, before becoming the first leader of the Country Party in 1920. He lost his seat in 1922 to the Nationalist candidate. He won the seat back as an independent in 1928 and retained it at the 1929 election but died shortly after the declaration of the poll.

The by-election was won by Charles Frost of the ALP, who lost his seat in 1931 to the United Australia Party before winning it back in 1934. He went on to serve as Minister for Repatriation under John Curtin before he lost the seat to Charles Falkinder of the Liberal Party in 1946. Falkinder held the seat until his retirement in 1966, and Ray Sherry of the ALP won the seat in 1969. Sherry lost the seat to Bruce Goodluck in 1975. Goodluck held the seat for the Liberal Party until he was defeated by Harry Quick in 1993.

Quick held the seat until the 2007 election, and he announced his impending retirement in 2005. He caused controversy in 2006 by endorsing a Greens candidate, sitting MP Nick McKim, for the state seat of Franklin in the state election. The ALP originally preselected Electrical Trades Union official Kevin Harkins, Quick openly criticised Harkins and was seen to be supporting Liberal candidate Vanessa Goodwin. Harkins was eventually replaced as the ALP candidate by ALP state secretary Julie Collins, and Quick was expelled from the ALP, supposedly for not paying his membership fees.

Collins won Franklin at the 2007 election, and has since won three more terms.


  • Kit Darko (Greens)
  • Dean Young (Liberal)
  • Darren John Hawes (Conservative National)
  • Julie Collins (Labor)
  • Darren Winter (United Australia)
  • Assessment
    Franklin is a safe Labor seat.

    2016 result

    Julie Collins Labor 32,72447.0+7.146.8
    Amanda-Sue Markham Liberal 24,54235.3-3.535.2
    Martine Delaney Greens 9,29313.4+1.213.5
    Tim SandersonArts Party1,6732.4+2.42.4
    George James MuskettChristian Democratic Party1,3752.0+2.02.0

    2016 two-party-preferred result

    Julie Collins Labor 42,26460.7+5.660.7
    Amanda-Sue Markham Liberal 27,34339.3-5.639.3

    Booth breakdown

    Booths have been divided into three areas, along local government boundaries: Clarence, to the east of Hobart; Kingborough to the south of Hobart; and Huon Valley in the south-west. While Huon Valley covers a large area stretching to the south-western corner of Tasmania, all of the polling places lay at the eastern edge of the council area.

    The ALP won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in all three areas, ranging from 60.1% in Kingborough to 62.3% in Clarence.

    The Greens primary vote ranged from 10.9% in Clarence to 16.3% in the Huon Valley.

    Voter groupGRN prim %ALP 2PP %Total votes% of votes
    Huon Valley16.360.78,14112.3
    Other votes13.859.18,43712.7

    Election results in Franklin at the 2016 federal election
    Toggle between two-party-preferred votes and Greens primary votes.

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    1. Franklin also includes Macquarie Island which is about as close to the South Pole as you can get without having to go to Antarctica….

      Also is this the only seat in Australia that has two separate parts on the same land mass? Can anyone think of another.



    2. @Pollster:
      The ACT seat of Fenner is significantly split into two separate parts, covering the north-west of that Territory as well as the Jervis Bay Territory some 200 kilometres away.


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