Greenway – Australia 2013

ALP 0.9%

Incumbent MP
Michelle Rowland, since 2010.

Western Suburbs of Sydney. Greenway covers the eastern parts of the City of Blacktown and some parts of Parramatta and Holroyd council areas. Suburbs include Lalor Park, Seven Hills, Blacktown, Toongabbie, Girraween, Pendle Hill, The Ponds and Riverstone.

Greenway was first created in 1984, and was held relatively comfortably by the ALP throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

The seat was first won by Russell Gorman in 1984. Gorman had previously held Chifley from 1983 until he moved to Greenway in 1984. He was succeeded by Frank Mossfield in 1996.

Mossfield retired at the 2004 election, and the ALP stood Ed Husic, while the Liberals stood Louise Markus. The ALP’s margin had been cut to 3% at the 2001 election, and in 2004 Markus managed to win the seat.

The 2007 election saw the seat redistributed radically, and the Liberal margin was increased from 50.6% to 61.3%. A swing of almost 7% was suffered against Markus, but she held on under the new boundaries.

The 2009 redistribution saw the boundary changes largely reversed, and the new margin saw Markus shift to the neighbouring seat of Macquarie, winning that seat off the ALP.

Labor councillor Michelle Rowland won the redrawn Greenway in 2010.


  • Jaymes Diaz (Liberal)
  • Jamie Cavanough (Australian Voice)
  • Jodie Wootton (Palmer United Party)
  • Tom Lillicrap (Sex Party)
  • Michelle Rowland (Labor)
  • Anthony Belcastro (Katter’s Australian Party)
  • Allan Green (Christian Democratic Party)
  • Chris Brentin (Greens)
  • Maree Nichols (Rise Up Australia)

Greenway will be one of the Liberal Party’s top targets and will be a vital gain if the Coalition is to win a majority. The Liberal Party’s choice of candidate will have a major impact on the race.

2010 result

Candidate Party Votes % Swing
Michelle Rowland ALP 33,567 42.32 -7.36
Jaymes Diaz LIB 32,788 41.34 +2.05
Paul Taylor GRN 4,769 6.01 +1.57
Allan Green CDP 2,922 3.68 +0.86
Iris Muller FF 1,296 1.63 +0.38
John Baiada BA 815 1.03 +1.03
Tony Pettitt AF 780 0.98 +0.98
Michael Santos IND 770 0.97 +0.97
Joaquim de Lima LDP 542 0.68 +0.51
Amarjit Tanda IND 530 0.67 +0.67
Ronaldo Villaver DEM 529 0.67 +0.67

2010 two-candidate-preferred result

Candidate Party Votes % Swing
Michelle Rowland ALP 40,355 50.88 -4.79
Jaymes Diaz LIB 38,953 49.12 +4.79

Booth breakdown
Booths have been divided into three areas. “North” covers those parts north of the M7. Areas in Blacktown City Council south of railway line (as well as those parts in Parramatta and Holroyd councils) have been grouped as “South” with the remainder in “Central”.

The Liberal Party won a majority in the north, while the ALP won a slim majority in the centre and a larger majority in the south.

Polling booths in Greenway. South in blue, Central in green, North in yellow.

Voter group GRN % ALP 2CP % Total votes % of votes
North 4.90 46.29 27,511 34.69
South 6.36 56.28 21,704 27.37
Central 6.61 51.69 15,710 19.81
Other votes 6.96 50.64 14,383 18.14

Two-party-preferred votes in Greenway at the 2010 federal election.

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