Liberal Party happy for CDP to discriminate

It’s been reported today that the Liberal Party is preferencing Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party in the Legislative Council in 86 of 93 seats.

The seven seats where they are exhausting are Coogee, Sydney, Auburn, Bankstown, Granville, Lakemba and Liverpool.

There has been a theory that they avoided doing it in those seven seats due to the large gay communities in Coogee and Sydney and the large Muslim communities in the other five. Yet there are a large number of other seats in that category. The Liberals preferenced the CDP in the seats of Balmain and Marrickville. There are many other seats with large Muslim communities where the Liberals have preferenced the CDP.

I think it’s more likely these seats were decided by the CDP, not the Liberal Party.

At the 2007 state election, the CDP had a position that they would preference the Liberal Party except in seats where the Liberals ran a Muslim candidate. Despite this position, they preferenced Muslim candidate Ned Mannoun in Liverpool, but didn’t preference Christian candidate Philip Mansour in Canterbury. It seems the CDP refused to preference Liberals who they thought were Muslim. Not only were they bigoted, but weren’t competent enough to carry out that bigotry!

We haven’t yet seen CDP how-to-votes (and they are unlikely to hand out many preferences in these seven seats), but I’d be willing to bet that the CDP told the Liberal Party that they wouldn’t preference them in the seats where they were running gay candidates or candidates who they thought were Muslim.

In three of those five seats, the Liberal Party is running Muslim candidates. Ironically, the Liberal candidates in Auburn and Granville are not Muslim, but you can’t expect the Christian Democratic Party to know that.

It’s no surprise that the CDP would pursue such a bigoted position. Yet what does it say about the Liberal Party that they would do a deal with a party that would so openly discriminate against those of their candidates of whom they don’t approve?

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