Vic 2018 – first draft of the candidate list


I’ve been trickling out seat guides for the Victorian election gradually for the last while. I’ve now posted 53 out of 88 lower house profiles, and guides to all eight upper house regions. At the moment I’m posting two seats per day.

As part of this work I’ve been tracking candidates who are running, and I thought I would publish my spreadsheet for anyone to access.

View the Vic 2018 candidates list.

My list currently has 216 candidates on it. This list includes 67 Labor candidates, 44 Greens candidates and a total of 72 Coalition candidates. Interestingly there are also twenty Animal Justice candidates announced.

I’ve coded every candidate for their gender. Labor has announced more women than men currently, as have Animal Justice. The proportion of women running for the Greens and the Liberal Party is much lower. This doesn’t take into account which seats are actually winnable, which could produce a very different picture for some of these parties.

I’m going to keep updating this throughout the campaign, up until the nominations close (which I think is on 9 November). If you have any suggestions for people missing, you can comment on the relevant seat guide or send me a message. If you are from a party and have a lengthy list of candidates, please get in touch, I’d love to get them in big batches. I will occasionally run through the seat guides and update the candidate lists but the above spreadsheet will be more up-to-date.

I’ll be back soon with more analysis on Wentworth and Victoria, but in the meantime I hope this is useful.

EDIT: I’ve updated the list, which has expanded to 249 candidates. Thanks to Nick Casmirri and Alex Lum for your help.

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