WA federal redistribution – draft boundaries announced


The Australian Electoral Commission yesterday announced their draft boundaries for the federal redistribution of Western Australia.

WA had gained a sixteenth electorate, and the proposal recommends the seat be named ‘Burt’ after a number of members of a WA family who were senior judges or Attorney-General.

I’m currently working on my map of the new boundaries, which should be done around the middle of the week.

Meanwhile, William Bowe at Poll Bludger has estimated the new seat margins. In short, most seat margins change by relatively small amounts, while Burt is considered to be a marginal Liberal seat.

Read the full report here.

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  1. It’s quite reasonable to suggest the Nats will win Durack and O’Connor, I’m also interested with Fremantle, it has strengthened for Labor, and although the Green estimation won’t look great because of the last election it would be reasonable to suggest the realm of 18% – 20% isn’t impossible with the next election on these boundaries.

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