WA Senate candidates announced


Nominations were declared this afternoon for the Senate by-election in Western Australia.

77 candidates have nominated, an increase from 62 who ran in last September’s election.

These candidates are running in 33 groups, as well as two ungrouped independents. All but one of the groups is being run by a political party.

In comparison, 27 groups and one ungrouped independent nominated for the 2013 election.

Along with the major party candidates, the major candidate announcements have included prominent euthanasia activist Dr Philip Nitschke running for the Voluntary Euthanasia Party. The Wikileaks Party has also had trouble with candidate selection, with Julian Assange unable to stand and with 2013 candidate Gerry Georgatos withdrawing at the last moment.

The Nationals have also had a change of lead candidate, with prominent former footballer David Wirrpanda being replaced by Shane van Styn, who stood in Durack in 2013.

The best spots on the ballot went to the Wikileaks Party and the Nationals. The ALP has the first position of any party who won a seat in any of the counts in the 2013 election. The Liberal Party drew column R, and the Greens drew group AA.

The following table provides the name of the lead candidate for all groups. With the exception of the two major parties, no other party has a serious prospect of getting any candidate other than their first candidate elected. I have also provided the first few candidates for the two major parties.

The Liberal Party’s first three candidates are:

  1. David Johnston
  2. Michaelia Cash
  3. Linda Reynolds

The Australian Labor Party’s first three candidates are:

  1. Joe Bullock
  2. Louise Pratt
  3. Shane Hill
GroupLead CandidateParty
ATibor MeszarosThe Wikileaks Party
BShane Van StynThe Nationals
CRussell WoolfIndependent
DChris FernandezAustralian Democrats
EFletcher BoydPirate Party
FJoe BullockAustralian Labor Party
GRichie HowlettAustralian Motoring Enthusiast Party
HBill KoutalianosFreedom and Prosperity Party
IPhilip NitschkeVoluntary Euthanasia Party
JJim FryarLiberal Democrats
KBrian ParkesAustralian Voice Party
LKen BezantBuilding Australia Party
MAnthony FelsMutual Party
NLinda RoseFamily First Party
OPeter Strachan#Sustainable Population Party
PZhenya WangPalmer United Party
QWayne DropulichAustralian Sports Party
RDavid JohnstonLiberal
SMurray BowShooters and Fishers
TJames M MoylanHelp End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
UMarcus AndersonRepublican Party of Australia
VMax Katz-BarberSmokers Rights
WDaniel MccarthyAustralian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
XRay MoranAustralian Christians
YSimon CuthbertSecular Party of Australia
ZJane ForemanRise Up Australia Party
AAScott LudlamThe Greens (WA)
ABAdrian GoodDLP Democratic Labour
ACPhillip BouwmanKatter’s Australian Party
ADKatrina LoveAnimal Justice Party
AEFiona PattenSex Party
AFAlex BainbridgeSocialist Alliance
AGDavid FishlockOutdoor Recreation Party (Stop The Greens)
Teresa Van LieshoutIndependent
Kim MubarakIndependent


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  1. Random thoughts, without much googling and in no particular order:

    Russell Woolf and Verity James are long-time ABC presenters, and they’re running on a “Save Our ABC” ticket / platform (obviously hastily organised, if they’re classed as independent.) They have a website which can be googled. I might vote for them if I vote below the line this time.

    Fiona Patten is from Victoria, and has run in elections over there. (The Melbourne by-election the Greens didn’t win, I think?)

    Anthony Fels used to be a WA upper house MP for the Libs before being kicked out for corruption. He ran for Family First (WA 2008), KAP (WA 2013) and as an independent for the senate in 2013, getting nothing much any time. God knows what the “Mutual Party” is.

    The Nats guy is from Geraldton, and ran for Durack last federal election. Looks like David Wirrpanda didn’t feel like going again.

    Teresa van Lieshout is a fringe-dwelling One Nation type.

    The “Freedom and Prosperity Party” have such a positive, affirming name, don’t they? Much better than the “No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics” handle they had last time round. Same folks involved though.

    The Wikileaks Party had some delicious drama the other day, care of the unelectable but indestructible Gerry Georgatos. He won’t go away! WA Greens are probably very glad they cut him adrift before he could cause them any major trouble… he could’ve made Adele Carles seem like a good idea. Truly the David Icke of the WA political scene. (I went to Murdoch Uni, I remember him.)


  2. It’s 33 groups, you’ve saidt 35 there Ben.

    The Woolf ticket’s Save Our ABC website shows they are indeed attempting to register a party. (but have they been talking to Glenn Druery yet?).

    Fiona Patten is essentially the Sex Party’s leader and contests every election in Victoria.

    The Freedom and Prosperity candidates also appear to be from interstate. The HEMP candidates are from NSW. The Smokers Rights candidate gives a Cessnock address.

    To illustrate the crazy growth in the number of registered political parties, despite the record field, there are as many registered parties (25) not contesting this election as there were parties registered for the 2010 election!

  3. I just rang Jim Duffield of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party. He and I were Army Captains at Puckapunyal, Vic 30 years ago. During WW2 he was born on one of the Channel Islands occupied by the Germans and he and his family were take to Germany to work in a labour camp. They all survived I think and returned to Jersey or Guernsey Island (can’t remember which one). They were some of the few British civilians forced to work for the Huns.

  4. Group voting tickets have been released and there wasn’t a tight preference swap between Labor and the Greens. Labor put 6 left-wing groups ahead of the Greens, including Russell Woolf group, Voluntary Euthanasia, HEMP, Secular Party, Animal Justice and Sex Party. The Greens put 4 left-wing groups ahead of Labor, including Russell Woolf group, Wikileaks, Pirate Party and Socialist Alliance.

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