Capricornia – Australia 2025

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  1. @Nimalan I’ll see what I can do with the maps. One map I’ve wanted to do for a while but never got to actually do was a map titled “What if the NSW state election was during COVID-19 and Gladys Berejiklian was Premier?”. The NSW Coalition was popular even in 2023 (though NSW Labor only got popular when Chris Minns came in) but Gladys has a massive personal appeal mostly courtesy of her response to the pandemic which even Minns said was “excellent”.

  2. Another good one would be “Seats with the most comments on their Tally Room pages”. For 2022 you’d think surely a seat like Kooyong would have heaps of comments, while for 2025 I think at the moment it’s seats like Macnamara and Wills due to the Greens, Deakin and Menzies due to Labor, and Blair and Paterson due to the Coalition.

  3. Thanks NP
    i agree Macnamara and Wills for Greens, Deakin, Menzies, Sturt and Leichardt for Labor and Blair, Paterson, Lyons and Bullwinkle for Coalition.

  4. @ John
    np asked which seats were talked about the most on tallyroom not for me to make a prediction and that was my response.

  5. @John yeah as Nimalan said I was talking about what seats have the most comments. It’s getting late now so the map will probably be tomorrow unless I feel like it tonight.


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