Monash – Australia 2022

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  1. Liberal hold, however due to Melbourne’s growing urban sprawl this seat will be in play in future elections.

  2. Interesting, how the urban sprawl will play out in the years to come. Baw Baw Shire may become like the Macedon Ranges and become part of Melbourne’s commuter belt. This could be possible if more people continue to WFH post-covid. Faster rail services to Melbourne can also make this possible. However, Moe/Newborough i expect the Labor vote to continue to decline with the coal industry continuing to shrink. Bass Coast will likely see a sea change demographic like the communities on the Great Ocean Road which will assist Labor. So two trends going in opposite directions.

  3. I honestly, don’t see Labor winning state seat of Morwell, the population continues to decline in Latrrobe valley. I agree that Baw Baw shire could become like the Macedon Ranges and be part of Melbourne’s commuter belt

  4. This seat is basically liberal now…… but demographic change could effect it…. also Broadbent I think is over 70 now and may well retire in the near future…. expect the the liberal vote will decline 3 to 5% if Broadbent were to retire

  5. A Voices for Monash group is looking for a candidate – closing date 22 January. One of the driving forces seems to be the local Extinction Rebellion activist. Not quite sure why this person is not throwing herself in with the Greens.

  6. Maybe because the Greens don’t have diddly squat of a chance of winning. Given the real contest in these sorts of seats is who gets the Senate votes, the Greens might run dead (as they may well do elsewhere) as not to stifle the chances of cashed up climate change independents.

  7. @Ryan Spencer

    Greens definitely aren’t going to run dead here. The local candidate seems to be a highly motivated young climate activist.

    Greens are less likely to run dead anywhere given the changes to electoral funding rules (reimbursement vs lump sum payment). It motivates a more widespread campaign.

  8. Greens won’t run dead here but, they won’t spend money here as this seat is out of reach & have better chances else where. Its more likely an independent will try here, although I would say that LNP are the favourites here still.


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