WA redistribution numbers also change


Earlier today I posted about the change in Victoria’s redistribution numbers, with the ABS acknowledging an error and changing the projected enrolment data. I won’t repeat all the background, you can go read about it there.

The same issue has arisen in WA, although it doesn’t seem quite so dramatic. All the same, the errors seem to be similar.

The main difference is that regional WA has about half as much of a surplus, and the southern half of Perth now has a larger surplus than the northern half.

This is despite the fact that projections for Pearce and Hasluck increased by quite a lot. While five out of six seats on the south side now project higher than originally, four out of six seats on the north side are projected to be smaller than on the original projection.

This map follows the same format as the Victorian map, with two layers.

It does appear that the biggest changes in projections were in the outer suburbs, with Pearce, Hasluck and Brand experiencing the biggest growth.

Suggestions and comments on suggestions have already concluded, so these fresh numbers, while available to the mapmakers, would not have been used for any of the public submissions.

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  1. so given the issue with taking northern or eastern parts of brand ive decided to come in from the south and remove singleton and karnup sa2s from brand to canning. this gives brand with the minimum tolerance of electors. thoughts?

  2. Maps going up. New seat or hasluck based on Swan. It will depend on how many voters come from hasluck. Now contains all but cowans part of swan which I originally did but new numbers mean they have to remain there


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