Seeking information about NSW wards

I’ve been putting work recently into producing new ward maps for the three east coast states that will have local government elections in 2012.

The electoral commissions in Queensland and Victoria provide an easy-to-follow page on their website with all the information about ward boundaries and what changes have been made.

I’ve now finished the map for Queensland. I’ve also posted the map for Victoria, although it doesn’t include nine councils whose ward boundaries are yet to be determined – these should all be resolved by the middle of April.

However NSW is much harder. I assume most councils won’t make a change to their electoral structure. There is no central source of information on what changes are being made, and short of searching through the entire minutes of every council it is difficult to definitively know what changes are made.

So if you have information about your local council and what wards they will be using in 2012, please let me know.