Macquarie – Australia 2019

ALP 2.2%

Incumbent MP
Susan Templeman, since 2016.

Macquarie covers the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury council areas, including the towns of Katoomba, Blaxland, Wentworth Falls, Lawson, Richmond, Windsor and Kurrajong.

Macquarie is a federation seat, and has always sat to the west of Sydney and covered the Blue Mountains, although its boundaries have shifted. It has tended to be a marginal seat, although in recent decades it has not always swung with the national trend.

The seat was first won by the Free Trade party in 1901, and they held it for two terms before Ernest Carr won it in 1906 for Labor. Carr held the seat until 1917, when he was defeated for reelection after leaving the ALP in late 1916 to join the Nationalist Party. The ALP held the seat again from 1917 until 1922, when the Nationalist Party won back the seat. Arthur Manning was reelected in 1925 against future Prime Minister Ben Chifley, who defeated Manning on a second attempt in 1928.

Chifley held the seat for two terms before losing to John Lawson of the United Australia Party in 1931. Lawson was reelected in 1934 and 1937 before Chifley defeated him in 1940. Chifley went on to serve as a senior Minister under John Curtin and became Prime Minister in 1945. He lost the Prime Ministership in 1949, then led his party in Opposition. He was reelected in Macquarie at the 1951 double dissolution before dying a few weeks later.

The seat was won in 1951 by Anthony Luchetti, a longstanding Labor activist in Macquarie. Luchetti had been Chifley’s campaign manager during his first stint in Macquarie in the 1920s, but stood as a Lang Labor candidate at the 1931 election. The split Labor vote saw the UAP win the seat in a slim margin. Luchetti held the seat from 1951 until his retirement in 1975.

The Liberal Party won the seat in 1975 in the person of Reg Gillard, who was defeated by the ALP’s Ross Free in 1980. The 1984 redistribution saw Free move to the new seat of Lindsay, and the Liberal Party’s Alasdair Webster won Macquarie.

Webster lost the seat in 1993 to Maggie Deahm of the ALP, who lost the seat herself in 1996 to Kerry Bartlett. Bartlett made the seat fairly safe over the next decade before the 2007 redistribution saw Bartlett defeated by the long-serving state MP and Minister Bob Debus. Debus went straight into Kevin Rudd’s ministry as Minister for Home Affairs. Debus resigned from the ministry in June 2009 in anticipation of his retirement from politics at the next election.

At the 2010 election the seat’s boundaries were shifted back to the boundaries in 2004. Louise Markus, who held Greenway in 2007 when it covered Hawkesbury council, chose to run for Macquarie instead, and won the seat with a 1.3% margin. Markus was re-elected in 2010 and 2013.

Markus lost in 2016 to Labor’s Susan Templeman.


  • Kingsley Liu (Greens)
  • Tony Pettitt (United Australia)
  • Sarah Richards (Liberal)
  • Susan Templeman (Labor)
  • Assessment
    Macquarie is a very marginal seat but Templeman should benefit from a personal vote which will give her a boost.

    2016 result

    Louise Markus Liberal 34,94638.2-9.2
    Susan Templeman Labor 32,48035.5+4.5
    Terry Morgan Greens 10,25711.2+0.1
    Catherine LincolnChristian Democratic Party3,5673.9+0.9
    Jake GrizeljShooters, Fishers and Farmers3,5503.9+3.9
    Hal Jon GingesAnimal Justice2,5542.8+2.8
    Carl HalleyLiberty Alliance1,6931.9+1.9
    Liz CooperDerryn Hinch’s Justice Party1,6531.8+1.8
    Olya ShornikovLiberal Democrats7520.8+0.8

    2016 two-party-preferred result

    Susan Templeman Labor 47,73352.2+6.7
    Louise Markus Liberal 43,71947.8-6.7

    Booth breakdown

    Booths have been divided into three parts. The Macquarie electorate is clearly divided between the Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains. There is also clear divisions between the upper and lower mountains.

    Labor won solid majorities in the lower and upper Blue Mountains – 57.4% of the two-party-preferred vote in the former and 68.8% in the latter.

    The Liberal Party won almost 59% in the Hawkesbury.

    The Greens primary vote ranged from 5% in Hawkesbury to 20.3% in the upper mountains.

    Voter groupGRN prim %ALP 2PP %Total votes% of votes
    Lower Mountains13.357.419,15920.9
    Upper Mountains20.368.814,70616.1
    Other votes11.948.99,84810.8

    Election results in Macquarie at the 2016 federal election
    Toggle between two-party-preferred votes and Greens primary votes.

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    1. What a whopping defeat was inflicted on the appalling Louise Markus. Thoroughly deserved, I wonder if she held the record percentage ? I don’t recall whether Templeman ran twice, or 3 times. In absolute contrast to Markus, she worked her tail off. Anyone with that amount of passion, & dedication deserves their seat.

      It is a mystery as to why the population of this seat appears to be stagnant. I’ll be interested to know whether Templeman has lived up to her potential, & made the seat safe for Labor

    2. “It is a mystery as to why the population of this seat appears to be stagnant.”

      I assume the Blue Mountains and the more rural parts of Hawkesbury would have significant restrictions to development. Probably only the very south of the seat would have any growth potential.

    3. There is no question Susan Templeman has worked hard to consolidate her position and this has been most effective in the mountains, so Lower Blue Mountains should swing her way. Wears her convictions on her sleeve. The question is whether her vocal opposition to the Windsor Bridge replacement project (the one the NSW parliamentary enquiry said was no good, but too late to stop) will be regarded positively or negatively in the Richmond-Windsor area. Lots of feeling there.

      Disclosure – in my personal opinion, using the centre of Windsor as a conduit for traffic from the sand mines north of the bridge is an abysmal misuse of a heritage village.

    4. I hear some libs want Louise Markus back, she was not very popular as a local member at all, She stood by Tony abbot’s ‘Ditch the witch’ where in 2011 or 2010 she stood next to a sign calling the then prime minister Gillard a mans (Censorsed) She was lucky to survive 2013 because of the liberal tide. This is a bellwhether but Markus blew it last time i expect this seat double digits ALP just this election if she is preselected again.

    5. Susan Templeman is an excellent local member and should increase her margin at the next election
      Very active in the community
      Her office staff are very efficient…on top of issues and good at getting problems solved

      NBN a hot issue ..the second rate scheme will need lots of remedial work in the future….thanks to those two conservative visionaries .Abbott and Turnbull

    6. Susan Templeman is surely unbeatable. Everyone knows her up here. She has my vote this time around. She is a member of the Very Red, Very Far Left branch of the ALP but she has also spent $100ks of her government printing budget branding herself locally so her name recognition is high. Her setup reminds me of the Soviet Union Communist printing presses but I think that is pretty cool and George Orwell would be interested. As long as she doesn’t confirm she is an actual marxist/communist during the campaign then she should romp it in and increase her margin as everyone’s political best friend. The Liberal contender seems to be a yummy mummy lawyer but not sure if good looks and brains will be enough to take Mrs Stalin II down this time. It might need to be a second go after the country realises that Unionist Shorten and Commy Templeman was a really bad idea – including me!

    7. Aidan, your commentary on the sitting member being on the Socialist Left of the ALP somehow makes her a communist is clutching at straws just a little bit, however your description of the Liberal candidate as a “yummy mummy” I find highly objectionable and therefore diminishes her to a sex object. Let’s lift the standards on here just a little bit.

    8. wow Aidan…..yes she is part of the left but this means she is compassionate and caring… not about to join the old Commitern
      the same as Trish Doyle good local mps

    9. Libs just announced a 3rd river crossing $200 million 80/20 funding. Doubt it will help them. Even if NSW was to swing a few % , it is hard to see that happening here . Labor hold

    10. Yeah I was surprised to see Morrison campaigning here too WD, seems like a waste of time in my mind because it seems very unlikely they’ll be winning back this seat

    11. This seat is always going to be marginal.

      You’ve got the Hawkesbury, which is very Liberal. Similar kind of area in many ways to the Sutherland Shire and to a lesser extent the Northern Beaches. Very white, few non-English speaking immigrants and lots of cashed up tradies and other small business owners.

      Then you’ve got the lower mountains, which is very marginal. Its more generic middle Australia in terms of demographics (albeit very white), with a large commuter population.

      The upper Mountains tend to be very left leaning, you’ve got affluent champagne socialist types around Wentworth Falls and Leura, alternative types in Katoomba and a housing commission area in North Katoomba, so this area will always be safe for Labor.

    12. I’m a local resident – recently moved up from Newtown – greens voter. Can confirm that Templeman seems well liked around here (so various clued-in and long-term locals tell us) and the campaign material she has (already!) sent presents her as a ‘fighting for our community’ kind of pollie, with a long list of practical, down-to-earth accomplishments (funding for playgrounds, etc.) and an endorsement from an independent Hawkesbury councillor.

      Obviously, I won’t be voting for her myself but she seems likely to have built up a substantial personal vote and her campaign seems to position her as an effective local rep rather than a labour person as such, which will help (you’d think) in the less red/green parts of the electorate (which after all is most of it!)

      The greens candidate is the same guy who ran for the state seat – I thought his campaign material was very good actually but Trish Doyle (a rather Templeman-esque candidate – though more high profile) enjoyed a massive swing towards her so I don’t expect he will work any miracles here.

    13. The key to this seat is winning the Lower Blue Mountains. As Mike said before, I’d say 80-85% of the seat is taken up by either Hawkesbury/Windsor/Richmond area (Right) versus the mid-to-upper Blue Mountains (Left). Lower Blue Mountains is where this election will be decided.

      Louise Markus spent too much time trying to pander to her base in the Hawkesbury that she neglected the Lower Blue Mountains and Templemann was able to sweep the booths there.

      Given the recent activity, I daresay this could be a Labor Hold

    14. This is no more than a stretch goal for the Libs. I’d be very surprised if they won here, even if they do well in NSW.

    15. Feel like the only reason this seat is getting any attention is so the government can feel like they have some sort of path to 76 if they don’t pick up other key targets like Lindsay or Indi


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