Burt – Australia 2019

ALP 7.1%

Incumbent MP
Matt Keogh, since 2016.

South of Perth. Burt covers parts of Armadale, Canning and Gosnells council areas, including the suburbs of Armadale, Canning Vale, Gosnells, Huntingdale, Kelmscott, Thornlie and Westfield.

Burt was first created in 2016, primarily out of parts of Canning. That seat had been a marginal seat, leaning towards the Liberal Party.

Labor’s Matt Keogh lost the 2015 Canning by-election to Liberal candidate Andrew Hastie. He then went on to win Burt at the 2016 election.


  • Simone Collins (Greens)
  • Matt Keogh (Labor)
  • Nicole Devincentis (One Nation)
  • Sarcha Sagisaka (Western Australia Party)
  • Naomi Nation (Independent)
  • David Goode (Liberal)
  • Sahil Chawla (United Australia)
  • Warnar Spyker (Australian Christians)
  • Peter Joseph Raffaelli (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers)
  • Assessment
    Burt leans towards Labor, but is not entirely safe.

    2016 result

    Matt Keogh Labor 39,67347.0+15.1
    Matt O’Sullivan Liberal 29,83635.4-10.2
    Muhammad Salman Greens 6,7708.0+0.3
    Warnar SpykerAustralian Christians4,3455.2+1.6
    Ian BlevinShooters, Fishers and Farmers3,7344.4+4.4

    2016 two-party-preferred result

    Matt Keogh Labor 48,17757.1+13.2
    Matt O’Sullivan Liberal 36,18142.9-13.2

    Booth breakdown

    Booths have been divided into three parts:

    • North-East – Gosnells, Huntingdale and Thornlie
    • North-West – Canning Vale and Southern River
    • South – Armadale, Kelmscott and Westfield

    The ALP won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in two areas, polling 61.4% in the north-east and 64.5% in the south.

    The Liberal Party polled 51.8% in the north-west.

    Voter groupALP 2PP %Total votes% of votes
    Other votes55.512,61815.0

    Two-party-preferred votes in Burt at the 2016 federal election

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    1. At the very least, those swing booths in Canning Vale/Southern River will go red. On these boundaries, Burt will be a Labor-leaning seat barring Liberal landslides – the big notional margin was from Don Randall (R.I.P.)’s big personal vote – the fact that he, as a Liberal won Armadale says a LOT.

    2. i really hope people will give me an opportunity to demonstrate how to facilitate a community voice on policy and that Burt will be the first division to actually achieve its own agendas in parliament. i cannot wait to see whether having an alternative to party politics/policy is all we were waiting for. i know i was in 2016.

    3. Today was rough. i really feel this election is far from equal and free from financial and legal discrimination. i will say, i have the assistance from Nigel Taylor. The facebook page would not exist if not for him; and a great friend. Nigel got in contact with me when found i was running for his home area. my hands aren’t working great and besides i am meant to adhere to community code as a public servant and be representative. its a social site so not a professional site till elected.

    4. Today I discovered that I’ve just thrown away $2000,

      My name is Naomi Nation and I’m an independent candidate for Burt and my only Prepolling office in our electorate is in Haynes homemaker centre in Armadale.

      Over the past couple of days the owner of the property has complained about the signs around his property and the latest one has restricted my movements as an independent candidate. We can no longer abble to stand in the car park and leave the footpath vacant for pedestrians-it was a quiet carpark with many available parking spots.

      I wasn’t bothered by the signs being removed I couldn’t afford them anyway but Now I can’t approach anybody speak to anyone. I don’t annoy people with media advertising as it is simply unaffordable. Is it possible that our inability to approach voters came about due to the over saturation of media adverts and poor publicity from the political parties with wealthy donors?

      I was being loudly told by a few people they were voting for me on their way out and that was after the second day of Prepolling on the only booth in Burt.
      First I’m told that the six meter zone is within the premises and we are perfectly fine to be outside the doors to get access to voters-after a complaint from one of the parties Prepolling at the venue the AEC decided it was fair to applied another 6 meters from the door of the office.

      I have contacted every radio station and the local papers, they are not obligated to inform the public about my desire to represent my community in parliament. I am decriminated financially and legally, as I lack funds for legal representation too.

      Fair and free elections for whom?

      To enable physical access to voting public I moved to Cockburn and I found it so dangerous I left after I saw Elder is trying to negotiate to through traffic to the voting office and then manover through the party workers from three divisions. There was no safe area for any of this early voting in Cockburn. Voters are negotiating heavy traffic in a limited parking area in front of the polling booth as are the party workers who are in the car park and pathways and so the traffic are also negotiating around the volunteers from the parties.

      I have sent emails to every radio station (media)and I have turned up her personally to the EXAMINER, my local newspaper yet not heard back…I understand it’s my responsibility to get noticed and communicate my willingness and abilities but how?

      If the parties were prevented from advertising then it would be more fair for citizens and less of a waste of our time, efforts and money, and maybe people would be less angry about voting too and more inclined to engage…unless trials occur we will never know.

      The aec. has applied the six metre law from the door and we are unable to stand in the quiet car spots of so many which means that we are placed around the corner from and well away from the entry into the polling booth and our potential voters since the AEC applied the proprietors rights and not allowed us to walk in the car park.

      These two laws of combined and basically demonstrated to me that I am throwing $2000 away.

      It is hardly fair if I can’t afford to compete -competence in parliament will be unlikely to improve if it’s the Parties who decide who our candidates are, and I have never found a party who genuinely wants to represent the community-they believe they are best placed to make our laws and represent us.

      I don’t understand how people are able to learn about me when I don’t have funds to advertise or a law behind me to approach potential voters as they’re about to vote.

      Ms. Naomi Nation
      25 Tollington Park Rd
      Kelmscott, WA 6111

    5. I am Sarcha Sagisaka. As the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY candidate for Burt, I am aiming to provide a more measured alternative to the two major parties.

      The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY has a candidate in 15 of 16 electorates for the lower house and 5 for the senate in WA. All Western Australians will have the opportunity to vote 1 for WA. We encourage voters to follow their normal Liberal or Labor preferences, but to put the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY number 1.

      Formed in 2016, the WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY is the only party registered with the WA Electoral Commission with the sole purpose of representing the people of WA to get a better deal from Canberra.
      The formation of the Party is inspired by the original Western Australian Party that operated from 1906 to 1909 to protect the rights of Western Australia, led by Sir John Forrest the first Premier of WA in 1890.
      The WESTERN AUSTRALIA PARTY can be a strong independent voice in State and Federal Parliament to advocate for a change in the GST allocation formula, to give WA a much better deal.
      Unlike other parties, we’re not controlled from the Eastern States. We have Western Australia in our hearts first and foremost.


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