Podcast #17 – Independents and NSW election


Ben is joined by ABC election analyst Antony Green and the ANU’s Jill Sheppard in the first episode of 2019 to discuss the New South Wales state election – in particular the rule of optional preferential voting and the increasing popularity of pre-poll voting – as well as the growing number of independents running in federal Liberal seats.

There was a problem with the original audio file which appeared to be only 8 minutes long. The full version is 51 minutes. The link below has now been updated and you should be able to download the corrected version from your podcast app very soon.

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  1. I find the inner workings of politics to be both intriguing as well as frustrating. Preferences are wonderful and are a credit to our system, but preferences should always go to who the voter selects, not some obscure candidate they’ve never heard of because of some prefrence swap agreed on in a backroom deal. A perfect example of how flawed the system is is in Victoria, where Greens upper house candidates missed out in favour of micro party candidates who were elected on tiny primary votes. Thankfully, the Greens wisely implemented the Senate reforms federally, so it shouldn’t be as much of a problem there anymore.

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