Here’s the complete Victorian election guide


I’ve finished posting the Victorian state election guide today, with all of the remaining seats available on the website now.

Check out the guide

You can use this map to click through to any seat guide:

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  1. Out of interest, what color are intending to identify seats that the Greens end up winning – should such a scenario eventuate? I sort of find it a bit weird to see National party held seats displayed as green.

  2. The Greens current seats are dark Green (Nationals have traditionally used dark green though, would probably be better if the colours were reversed on this map).

    It’s hard to predict Greens wins, although along with their current holds of Melbourne, Prahran and Northcote, they’d be looking to win Richmond and Brunswick.

  3. Murray – if you zoom in you can see a darker shade of green used for the seats of Melbourne, Northcote and Prahran, which of course are already held by the Greens.

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