Mount Waverley – Victoria 2018

LIB 4.6%

Incumbent MP
Michael Gidley, since 2010.

Eastern Melbourne. The electorate covers most of Mount Waverley and Glen Waverley. The entire electorate lies in the northern part of the City of Monash.

Mount Waverley was created prior to the 2002 election. Based on 1999 election results, Mount Waverley had a notional Liberal margin of 9.1%.

At the 2002 election, the seat was won by the ALP’s Maxine Morand with a 2.3% margin. In 2006 her margin was cut to 0.3%.

At the 2010 election, Morand was defeated by Liberal candidate Michael Gidley. Gidley was re-elected in 2014.


Mount Waverley is a marginal Liberal seat.

2014 result

Candidate Party Votes % Swing
Michael Gidley Liberal 18,357 51.2 -1.4
Jennifer Yang Labor 13,184 36.7 +3.3
Perky Raj Khangure Greens 3,432 9.6 +2.0
Stephen Chong Zheng Australian Christians 915 2.5 +2.5
Informal 1,422 3.8

2014 two-party-preferred result

Candidate Party Votes % Swing
Michael Gidley Liberal 19,489 54.6 -4.0
Jennifer Yang Labor 16,211 45.4 +4.0

Booth breakdown

Booths in Mount Waverley have been divided into three parts: East, South and West.

The Liberal Party won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in all three areas, ranging from 51.3% in the west to 54.4% in the east.

Voter group LIB 2PP % Total votes % of votes
West 51.3 8,118 22.6
East 54.4 6,986 19.5
South 54.0 5,100 14.2
Other votes 53.1 6,179 17.2
Pre-poll 57.7 9,505 26.5

Two-party-preferred votes in Mount Waverley at the 2014 Victorian state election

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  1. Safer than the margin indicates. I recall seeing Gidley around Pinewood quite a few times and considering he beat the now ALP Chisholm candidate, I think his personal vote is high enough that he will retain the seat for the Libs so long as he contests the seat. Libs would need to be destroyed in a 2002 type election for this to switch to the ALP while he is the member.


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