Albert Park – Victoria 2018

ALP 3.0%

Incumbent MP
Martin Foley, since 2007.

Southern Melbourne. Albert Park covers those parts of the City of Melbourne south of the Yarra River, and a majority of the City of Port Phillip. Albert Park covers the suburbs of Albert Park, Middle Park, Port Melbourne and South Melbourne and parts of St Kilda.

The electoral district of Albert Park has existed since the 1889 election. The seat has been dominated by the ALP for most of the 20th century, who have held the seat continuously since 1950.

The ALP first won the seat in 1902. George Elmslie held the seat until 1918, serving as the first Labor Premier in Victoria for thirteen days in December 1913. The ALP continued to hold the seat except for the 1927-9 period and the period from 1932 to 1945.

In 1945, Albert Park was won by the ALP’s Frank Crean, who lost the seat in 1947 to the Liberal Party’s Roy Schilling. Crean returned to the Victorian parliament at the 1949 Prahran by-election, but moved to federal politics in 1951 and went on to serve as a senior minister in the Whitlam government.

Schilling held the seat for one term, losing to the ALP’s Keith Sutton in 1950. Sutton held the seat until his retirement in 1970.

In 1970, Albert Park was won by the ALP’s Val Doube. He had previously held the seat of Oakleigh from 1950 to 1961, when he was defeated. He held Albert Park from 1970 to 1979.

In 1979, Albert Park was won by the ALP’s Bunna Walsh. He held the seat until the 1992 election, when he attempted to win the overlapping Monash province for the Legislative Council. He had also served as a member for the Legislative Council seat of Melbourne West for two months in 1970 before the election was declared void.

In 1992, John Thwaites, Mayor of South Melbourne, was elected to Albert Park for the ALP. Thwaites became Deputy Leader of the Victorian ALP in 1996. He became Deputy Premier in 1999 following the election of the Bracks government. Thwaites resigned in 2007 following the retirement of Steve Bracks, and by-elections were held in Albert Park and Bracks’ electorate of Williamstown in September 2007.

The 2007 by-election was won by the ALP’s Martin Foley, and was re-elected in 2010 and 2014.


Albert Park is a marginal Labor seat. Labor will likely win, but that is far from guaranteed.

2014 result

Shannon Eeles Liberal 15,17741.5+1.7
Martin Foley Labor 11,82632.3+1.3
David Collis Greens 6,13416.8-0.1
Tex PerkinsIndependent1,6144.4+4.4
James HurleySex Party1,2633.5-0.1
Steven ArmstrongIndependent2890.8+0.8
Deborah GeyerFamily First2730.70.0

2014 two-party-preferred result

Martin Foley Labor 19,37053.0+2.1
Shannon Eeles Liberal 17,20647.0-2.1

Booth breakdown

Booths in Albert Park have been split into three areas: Central, South and West.

Labor won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in all three areas, ranging from 51.9% in the centre to 67.8% in the south.

The Greens primary vote ranged from 10.3% in the west to 25.4% in the south.

Voter groupGRN prim %ALP 2PP %Total votes% of votes
Other votes16.249.77,72421.1

Election results in Albert Park at the 2014 Victorian state election
Toggle between two-party-preferred votes and Greens primary votes.

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  1. Five for the six known candidates (nominations have not closed yet) were present at the forum at the Alex Theatre with an apology from the Sustainability candidate. Having been to similar forums over the years the crowd were mostly older and the usual suspects, including me.

    Some candidates were obsessed with St Kilda and Fisherman’s Bend. What about the rest of the electorate I thought? Some candidates appeared to be reading from their generic policy website too. The moderator Kate Arnott (former ABC reporter who lives in Port Melbourne) did a pretty good job but should have silenced the rude people who called out from the audience singling out one candidate particularly unfairly.

    Over all mostly a waste of time however there was a reporter present from the Herald Sun who is also a local resident (St Kilda) within the electorate so it will be interesting to see what he writes.

  2. Two annoying things were the audience constantly clapping after a point by a speaker. This interrupts the speaker train of thought and wastes time.

    The other is after the moderator thanks the Aborigines who she claimed own our land even though they no longer exist in the electorate. Then most speakers repeated this waffle as well. Once is enough at any forum or meeting at the start.

  3. Today a male protester was assaulted (grabbed by the arm) by Martin Foley outside the proposed Gay Pride Centre in Fitzroy St St Kilda. A bit of push and shove then happened briefly as the protester tried to get Foley to release his grip before the protester moved on. I then had a look at Foley’s internet site and Mark Thompson said “it wasn’t Adrian Jackson was it” Well Mark no it wasn’t but it was a good laugh watching the incident on the Fairfax video.

    $13 million of Port Phillip ratepayers funds (councils emergency cash reserves cleaned out) is being spent on this facility and double that from the state government. Why a pride centre is really needed is debatable as the gay are all equal now. I vote YES in the postal poll on gay marriage too.

  4. The Pride Centre push and shove video incident has gone viral in Australia, including on the NT News. Mr Foley you know you have made it politically if you are in the NT News.

  5. The federal deputy ALP leader has promised a further $10 million of the Victorian Pride Centre in St Kilda on top of the $40 million from Port Phillip ratepayers and Victoria’s taxpayers – some building !!

    My concern is, as a Port Phillip ratepayer, does the Pride Centre have a income stream, after the building is opened, for operating costs and periodic maintenance. We dont want to see the Pride board coming to council asking for grants from my rates. The Pride Centre should be self sufficient.

    There are to many arts institutions in Port Phillip who wholly or partly sponge of my rates and this has to stop. My annual rates are over $5,000 PA

  6. Another Simic look alike is standing for the Greens in Rippon and is likely a relative, perhaps a brother, of Ogy Simic,

  7. Both their biographies on the Greens website say they are refugees from war-torn Sarajevo, so yeah seems like they are brothers.

    I thought it was weird for them to run in seats quite far apart. Looks like Ogy became a lawyer while Serge worked in construction, mining, and now farming, moving to central Victoria.

  8. I don’t believe so. Can’t find anything linking them, Luke was born in NSW, Martin born in VIC, no mention of ties so it looks unlikely.

  9. Not gonna lie but most people in victoria would have no idea who Luke Foley is. He’s NSW opposition leader, not a very well known figure.

  10. Labor last and Greens second last on the ballet paper with AJP top followed by Liberal second and the rest.

  11. A top to bottom “donkey” vote for me today when I early vote at 307-309 Clarendon St Sth Melbourne. I am not a donkey thought the ballot paper order just suits me. The polling station address is the lovely Victoria era red (or is it brown) brick heritage former ANZ bank building according to Google map.

  12. I early voted today at 1.45pm and it was busy but not ques. the AJP and liberal candidates were present handing out HTV’s cards. Most of the other candidates had helpers handing out HTV. Having Albert park District early voting in a major street is better than some in the past hidden away in back streets.

  13. Early voting today at 1.45pm was busy but not crowded with ques which is a surprise for the first day of voting which is usually quiet. Perhaps the good location in a busy street was better than past location in side streets. Most candidates had HTV helpers present however the Liberal and AJP candidates were present in person too.

  14. Animal Justice Party had a candidate poster in a local shop window however it was the fish shop window.

    Another leaflets arrived in my letter box today on CCTV cameras saying that the Greens on Port Phillip City Council voted against CCTV on St Kilda foreshore and in Grey St, St Kilda (a red light area) but showed a photo of the Green candidates home (a block of flat) with a sign saying the flats are under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. The Greens candidate is currently a Port Phillip City Councillor.

    I enjoy a good laugh at election time.

  15. When you put CCTV in hotspots like Grey St, all you do is move the problem, usually to somewhere worse like people’s front yards. Moving a problem doesn’t solve it, The Greens are right on this issue and support measures to address the problems instead of hide them.

  16. Trent – So lets get rid of them. Perhaps exile all Australian evil do’ers like they did with Napoleon, perhaps to King Island in Bass Strait. If the criminals are aliens deport them to their home country which is most likely New Zealand, Britain or a country in Europe.

    There is a retaining scheme in Port Phillip to train “fallen” women as hairdressers. The training place is located on the corner of Beaconsfield Pde and Kerferd Rd, Albert Park, and it has been operating for about 10 years.

  17. Bennie – Perhaps Ogy and partner Steph (Macnamara candidate) should not have rented in a CCTV block of flats if CCTV is against his principles.

  18. The recent MTF (Melbourne Transport Forum) for Albert Park District is on clips on You Tube was attended by the three main candidates Foley, Bond and Simic. Bonds speech was the best and provided useful information about transport in the district while Simic read from online candidate statement and waffles at the start about other candidates. Foley was unimpressive and said nothing new and spoke about the underground in the CBD.

  19. The group Unchain Inc (formally Unchain St Kilda) sent an email to Port Phillip residents on their email list today and discussing the three main candidates (Lib, Lab and Grn) and supporting the left candidates. The groups has been raving on about the St Kilda Triangle site for over a decade and achieved absolutely nothing except a lot of hot air and annoyance to some residents, councillors and developers. The original development proposal for the site was to large but the then left dominated council supported it only to have the next elected council cancel the project and pay the developers a payout of $5 million from ratepayers funds. Like most so called community groups in the electorate they are now just another pointless and boring front group for the left.

  20. Anton – the Lib Andrew Bond is a good councillor who dislike municipal waste and has been elected for two terms so far. It will be difficult to unseat Martin Foley but anything could happen. The last Liberal candidate Shannon Eeles (41% of primary votes) did well but Foley won with the preference from the party the ALP hate the Greens. I have live in Albert Park District since 1980 as a voter.


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