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QLD 2017 – final candidates locked in

Nominations closed on Tuesday for the Queensland state election, so I’ve done one last update for my candidate list.

There are 453 candidates running: an average of 4.87 per seat.

Labor, the Liberal National Party and the Greens are all running a full ticket. There are nine seats where they are the only parties running.

One Nation is running in 61 seats. Katter’s Australian Party is running ten candidates, while the Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights, No-Tolls party is running eight candidates. There are also 95 independents running.

The gender balance for the bigger parties are:

  • 18% – One Nation
  • 28% – LNP
  • 37.6% – Labor
  • 44.1% – Greens

You can read the list here.


Candidate update – nomination day

Nominations close today in the Queensland state election. I did an update of candidates last night, checking each of the main party websites for missing candidates, and taking onboard all the candidate updates posted in comments – thanks to you all.

You can view the updated list here.

Last week’s list included 316 candidates (including Billy Gordon, who later announced he would not run): this has now increased to 348.

The Greens have now announced candidates in all 93 seats, up from 87 last week. I could still only find 82 Labor candidates, with candidates missing in action in 11 others (although I’m sure I’ve missed some). The LNP is up to 89 candidates. One Nation’s candidate numbers have mostly remained steady at 57 (up two) while KAP has increased from six to ten.

I have now identified 12 independents (up from five last week, excluding Gordon). This includes Rockhampton mayor Margaret Strelow, who decided to run as an independent after losing the Labor preselection contest for the seat of Rockhampton following the sitting MP’s late retirement announcement.

There’s at least 26 seats with out-of-date candidate information, but I will wait until this evening, after nominations are declared, before making a final update on each seat, including the full list of candidates in ballot order.


Candidate update

I’ve gotten a number of queries from people asking why their particular favoured candidate on the website. I thought I would just explain my current process, and invite readers to help me complete my dataset.

I’ve learnt from past campaigns that candidates will gradually trickle in, and I usually will prioritise everything except for candidate lists when I’m writing my seat guides – if I had delayed finishing my guide to go back and add more candidates to the first seat guides, I would have had to do it all over again.

I apologise if you’re annoyed that your preferred candidate is missing from the guide. I haven’t been comprehensive in tracking down every candidate, but I have consulted the Wikipedia list and Antony Green’s guide before posting each guide.

While I haven’t been updating seat lists for most seat guides, I have been keeping a document listing every candidate, as well as their website address. This allows me to quickly update each seat’s list, including candidate links, when I get to that point.

I have finished publishing the 150 House of Representatives guides, and I’ve now published five out of eight Senate profiles. I’m planning to update candidate lists over the coming weekend, and then do one last update after nominations are declared on Friday.

You can view my candidate dataset here.

If you’re aware of any candidates I am missing, or can give me a more appropriate website link to use for that candidate, please send me an email.

When I am selecting the website link to use I prioritise in this order:

  1. Individual campaign website
  2. Individual profile on party website
  3. Public Facebook page

I won’t link to Twitter accounts, generic party websites or a single page listing multiple candidates. If you are a candidate and have a more appropriate page to link to, please let me know. I am unlikely to make any further updates to candidate links after the round of updates which will follow the official declaration of nominations.