Burleigh – QLD 2017

LNP 5.5%

Incumbent MP
Michael Hart, since 2012.

Gold Coast. Burleigh covers the southern Gold Coast suburbs of Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads, Burleigh Waters, Varsity Lakes and Miami.

Burleigh shifted slightly south, gaining the remainder of Palm Beach from Currumbin, gaining the remainder of Varsity Lakes from Mermaid Beach, and losing Miami to Mermaid Beach. These changes cut the LNP margin from 6.2% to 5.5%.

The seat of Burleigh was created for the 1992 election. It was held by the National Party until 2001, and then by Labor from 2001 to 2012.

Judy Gamin won the seat for the National Party in 1992. She had first been elected to the seat of South Coast at a 1988 by-election following the retirement of former National Party minister Russ Hinze.

South Coast was abolished in 1992 and replaced by Burleigh, and Gamin won the new seat. She was re-elected in 1995 and 1998 before losing to the ALP’s Christine Smith at the landslide 2001 election.

Christine Smith was re-elected in 2004, 2006 and 2009.

Smith was defeated by LNP candidate Michael Hart in 2012. Hart was re-elected in 2015.


Burleigh is a marginal LNP seat.

2015 election result

Candidate Party Votes % Swing Redist
Michael Hart Liberal National 13,784 46.7 -4.5 46.0
Gail Hislop Labor 9,175 31.1 +0.2 30.9
Jane Power Greens 3,108 10.5 +2.1 11.0
James Macanally Palmer United Party 2,299 7.8 +7.8 7.7
Susan Baynes Family First 1,167 4.0 +1.5 4.0
One Nation 0.4
Informal 783 2.6

2015 two-party-preferred result

Candidate Party Votes % Swing Redist
Michael Hart Liberal National 14,984 56.2 -4.9 55.5
Gail Hislop Labor 11,696 43.8 +4.9 44.5
Exhausted 2,853 9.7

Booth breakdown

Booths in Burleigh have been divided into three areas: central, south-east and west.

The LNP won over 50% of the two-party-preferred vote in all three areas, ranging from 52% in the south-east to 54.5% in the west.

The Greens came third, with a vote ranging from 10% in the west to 14% in the south-east.

Voter group GRN prim % LNP 2PP % Total votes % of votes
South-East 14.0 52.0 6,024 19.7
Central 10.9 54.5 5,863 19.2
West 10.1 52.2 4,713 15.4
Other votes 10.1 58.7 13,939 45.6

Election results in Burleigh at the 2015 QLD state election
Click on the ‘visible layers’ box to toggle between two-party-preferred votes and Greens primary votes.

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