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NT election map updated

Others have more thoroughly covered the NT election results elsewhere. In short, the Country Liberal Party has won government entirely by winning Labor seats in remote parts of the Northern Territory, while the ALP has retained all eight of their seats in Darwin.

The CLP has gained the seats of Arnhem and Daly off the ALP, and is leading the count to gain the seats of Arafura and Stuart.

This surprise result can be analysed by others, but I’ve uploaded a new version of the NT Legislative Assembly electoral map to be used in Google Earth.

Map of NT Legislative Assembly electoral districts. Labor in red, CLP seats won in 2008 in darker blue, CLP seats won off Labor in 2012 in light blue, undecided in white.


Election night plans

Today voters in the Northern Territory go to the polls to elect members of their Legislative Assembly, while in southern Sydney the voters of Heffron are electing a successor to Kristina Keneally in the NSW Legislative Assembly.

I have prepared a guide to the Heffron by-election but unfortunately my current work has absorbed me and I haven’t had time to produce a guide for the NT or do much blogging for the last few months.

I will be collecting results for the Greens in Heffron tonight and I will be posting results on Twitter and the blog as they come in. I will likely do some blogging tomorrow about the results in Heffron and the NT.

After that I plan to put the blog back into¬†hibernation¬†until the end of the NSW council elections on September 8. My current job means I won’t have any time to do so (and there’d be conflict of interest if I was to blog about many of the council elections).